Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stitch Fix Does Casual Chic for the Work from Home Mom

Oh that I had written this post yesterday when I was bursting with creativity! If only I could find the perfect formula to achieve that everyday. Perhaps I was inspired by my rockin' 15th Stitch Fix box? I spent the day filling Etsy orders, networking with fellow shop owners, and brainstorming ideas for my Etsy shop. I've almost finished a blog post about all the changes I've seen in Etsy recently.

With all the time I'm spending building my small business, and raising a family, I just don't have time to shop. I actually tried going a few times this last week, and was just too pressed for time and couldn't find what I was looking for. I've really come to rely on my Stitch Fix shipments to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.

This time around, I was looking for casual chic layers for this colder than usual SoCal winter. Seriously, you'd laugh at me if you saw how warm it was yesterday when I picked up #2 from school. Regardless, I'm always cold. Here's what showed up in my first Fix of 2016!

Doesn't it look cozy? 

First up, the Mystree Almada Faux Shearling Vest in tan and white, $78

I thought maybe this time around I'd share the fabric content of the pieces. I was surprised to find this was a polyester spandex blend! It is super soft and delicious, in case you were wondering. My love for this piece affirms my definite love for boho styles.

I tried it on with nearly everything in sight. First, with a sweater I happened to be wearing that I'd just picked up from Marshall's (my only shopping find in nearly 6 hours of shopping).

Sorry for the weird lighting, I was using my mom as a tripod :)

I love the brown on black and white stripe combination, don't you? Mixed neutrals are really big this season. It's funny, when I bought this sweater I kept thinking it needed something. I tried it on with every scarf I owned the day before my Fix came, and nothing was really working. I can't wait to wear this to church next Sunday!

Here's a close up with better lighting.

Here's a picture of the back.

My mom wasn't a fan of the back, but I don't care. I wear clothes for me, and from the front I love this piece.

I thought the vest looked great with solids, too. Here it is over the next item from my Fix, the Papermoon Alecka Lace Sleeve Knit Top, $54

This one is a polyester spandex blend as well. I have a love hate relationship with this type of material. It's super soft, stretchy and comfortable. Unfortunately, it emphasizes every lump and bump.

Photo credit: #1. Thanks for making me look better than I really do kid.

I desperately wanted it to work because it looks so cute with my Kut from the Kloth Maribel Straight Leg Jeans. I don't know why, but I often have trouble finding something to wear with them. I received them in my 13th Fix, so I really haven't had long to experiment. Regardless, I wasn't about to send them back. They are SO comfortable and smooth as butter.

Back to the shirt, I love the romantic meets boho detail. It was the perfect length to cover my rear, too. Bye bye, beautiful top, I will miss you.

This is another one I was hoping would work with my Maribels, the Loveappella Cholame Split Back Knit Top in burgundy, $54.

This one is made from a rayon, polyester, spandex blend. It's a heavier weight, but very breathable. Isn't the split back detail fun?


Well, sadly I would've needed a size up in this one. It was tight and a tad bit short in the front. I wasn't sure enough it was going to work for me in a medium to request an exchange, so I sent it back. I really loved it though. Great color and style, and machine washable!

The next piece coordinated well with the Loveappella Cholame Top. This is the Skies are Blue Lowry Open Cardigan in black and white, $58. 


I also have to give photo credit to #1 for these, too. Because, the sarcastic faces. But also because you caught good hair shots. 

I loved a lot of things about this cardigan. It's 100% cotton, has a gorgeous open weave, and I love the length and fit. I just realized it was too similar to the cardigan from my very first Fix.

Here's a close up of the detail. Ughh..I can't believe I had to send this one back. But I just did a closet purge and am really trying to restrain from buying every single thing I like to make room for future loves. I know it's going to make someone very happy. Maybe you?

The last piece was the Papermoon Fausta Elbow Patch Raglan Knit Top in navy, $54.

The material, a polyester, spandex, rayon blend, reminded me of the space dye slub knit on the Market & Spruce Sawyer dolman my mom received and the Corinna dolman I had in my box last April.

Unfortunately, that material is just too scratchy for my dish pan hands and it wasn't quite long enough even in my size up. Boo, I actually really liked the elbow patch detail.

So, I ended up just keeping the vest, which I am happy about! Not only did I find a new favorite, I now have an excuse to order another box.

If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, I'd love it if you used one of my affiliate links:

It's super easy to sign up, and there are no long term commitments! You simply fill out a short questionnaire, select the date you'd like to receive a box, and pay a $20 styling fee. If you decide to keep any of the items, the $20 fee is applied to the price. Send back what you don't like in a prepaid envelope from your very own mailbox.

You can read about my previous experiences here:

In case you missed my last post, there are additional pictures of these items from the Stitch Fix iPhone App. Just click here:  How to Get Your Best Fix: Tips & Tricks

You can also pin the pictures from this post here:

I'd love to hear what you thought about this Fix. Leave a comment below!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to Get Your Best Fix, Tips & Tricks

I'm not sure why in all these Fixes it never occurred to me to do a "How to Get Your Best Fix" post. I suppose I didn't feel altogether certain I had it all figured out. Turns out, it's not quite the mystery I thought it would be! In fact, most of these facts about Stitch Fix were shared by the company itself on the Stitch Fix Blog, I've just put together the bits and pieces. Whether you are thinking about trying Stitch Fix for the first time, or a seasoned Fixer, I hope to share a few tips to improve your Stitch Fix experience.

Fill up the box.

No, I'm not talking about the Stitch Fix box, although people do love to photograph their boxes with everything from babies to pumpkins.

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, I'm talking about your style profile, specifically, the little box at the bottom. When you head over to the Stitch Fix website and register for the first time, you'll fill out a questionnaire with everything from your shoe size to your fit preferences. Don't get me wrong, these questions are really important.

Still, that little bitty box for your "Final Thoughts" is your greatest opportunity to tell your stylist what makes you YOU. Stitch Fix is a lot of things to a lot of people (a LOT). What's it to you? The Stitch Fix Blog recommends adding a few notes about your body shape, your style icons, or your favorite stores to shop. I would add to that your lifestyle, favorite colors to wear, and specifics about sizing (such as inseam, or sizes you are between).

You have another opportunity to tell Stitch Fix more about yourself just before your Fix gets styled. You'll receive an email with a link to yet another box where you can tell your stylist what is on your wardrobe wishlist. Or you can click here: Last Minute Requests.

Here a couple of the notes I've written for myself the past:

"I need tops I can throw on with casual jeans, dressy t-shirts, tanks or henleys, something durable/kid friendly. Also need a top to wear with my navy wide leg trousers for a patriotic concert, maybe red/white stripes, or all red. If you send a dress, maybe fit and flare, knee length, ponte has always worked best for me. Was tempted to just say "surprise me" this time!"

"I like navy, gray, and black. I love tunics. I love open cardigans but they have to fit over clothes. I need mostly casual clothes, for layering. My clothes need to be practical, sturdy, wash easy. I'm more likely to keep items under $50."

Share a Picture of Yourself

The easiest way to do that is via profile picture on the Stitch Fix App.

Did I just lose half of you? It's really not a big deal if you don't have the Stitch Fix App. I didn't download it at first, I didn't have room on my phone thanks to "Subway SurferS" and "Dragon City". I just wanted to make sure everyone realized you can share a profile picture there. You can also view what's coming to you after it ships, giving you more time to admire their prettiness, and think about how they'll mix and match with what's in your closet.

There are a few other ways to share a picture, such as uploading a selfie to your Pinterest board, or linking up your LinkedIN profile. You can wear your favorite Stitch Fix pieces, or wear a leotard. You can put a paper bag over your head, or take a picture with your pet alligator. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever you choose, it really makes for a more personalized experience.

I'm thinking of changing mine to this. Does this say, "I like casual, boho styles. Nothing too fancy, because babies are going to spit on me" ???

Tell em What You Think

After you checkout, take a minute or 2 to tell Stitch Fix what you loved and what you didn't love about the pieces you kept and the ones you sent back. Too long? Too furry? Perfect color? Best Fix Ever? When they sent me the Brixon Ivy Pinson Drape Cardigan I wrote "Do this again!" It goes with everything, which I never would have expected from a blush and oatmeal color combination. How do you do it Stitch Fix, how?

Leave a Little Room for Mystery

People often compare receiving Stitch Fix to Christmas morning. I'm not going to lie, I still feel that way 15 Fixes in! I'm always wondering when I'm going to find my next favorite ever piece. And often, it's the one I least expected. I kept my entire 1st Fix, and the Evie Drawstring Funnel Neck Sweatshirt was initially my least favorite. Now I wear it all the time! Here's a flashback to me wearing it when #4 was still tiny.

Don't fret too much about writing the perfect note or finding the best profile picture. Keep an open mind and have fun with it!

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix, I'd love it if you used my affiliate link: Sign Up Here

Stay tuned for my next Reveal! Here's a sneek peek from my iPhone:

Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Gifts

Hey you! Yes, I just used my impersonal greeting on you. I Feel like I'm doing that a lot lately, as I can't seem to remember anything.

I know it's Christmas crunch time and you are busy but did not want to forget to tell you what to buy me for Christmas. I won't even know you waited until the last minute if you print it out yourself!

Here are a list of other people who just might want a Stitch Fix gift card (besides me):

Petite Friend
Pregnant Friend
Tall Friend
Friend in Exercise Clothes
Friend in Fashionable Clothes
Friend Seeking a New Job in 2016
Working Friend
Stay at Home Friend
Daycare Provider

I have a feeling you just remembered someone you forgot to buy a present for. That's okay! Just click this link and before you know it, you'll be done with your holiday shopping: http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-7776374-11958005-1445467985000

And, I wanted to make sure and say Merry Christmas to you, and yours! Thank you for making 2015 the year I got to quit my away from home job and focus on my family, small business and fashion! You're the Best!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Stitch Fix App Happy

Apparently I'm addicted to Stitch Fix. Despite how busy I am, here I am blogging about it, again. There are just so many things I want to share with you, but most of all the new app.

If you haven't tried the new Stitch Fix app for iPhone, you are missing out. Not only does it allow easy access to your style profile and updates on your order. Now, you can view pictures of the items before they arrive!

It gets better. You can share a profile pic, too! I'm really excited about this. No doubt it will make for a more personalized experience.

What are you waiting for? Download it here: Stitch Fix App

As if this new app weren't inspiration enough for a new blog post, the Stitch Fix affiliates team sent me a selfie stick! I was excited to see this in the mail because I have so many new favorite pieces that I've been waiting to share with you. Bear with me folks, I'm a selfie novice.

I can't decide what to share first, so I've decided to save the best for last. I'll start out with these amazing jeans from Dear John. I had my mind set on getting myself a dressy pair of denim trousers to wear on Wednesday nights with my AWANA Commander shirt and Crocband flats, and these are just perfect!


These Marson wide leg jeans ran a little big, so I sent customer service an email (hello@stitchfix.com) and sized down. For reference, I'm 5'6 and these have an average inseam. If I wore them with boots they'd be way too short, I'd probably want a 34" inseam....great, now I need another pair of jeans. Torture (wink, wink).

I'm wearing the jeans in all of these pictures except the last outfit, so you can see them from several angles. Above, I'm wearing them with the 41Hawthorn Moni Studded Short Sleeve Blouse. I love the feel of it, it has a bit of weight to it but still feels breathable.

Black and white patterns are my new favorite for mixing with rich colored sweaters and accessories, like my Target mustard cardigan and my burgundy Bandolino ballet flats.

I'd call that a selfie stick win. I rarely like pictures of myself and this is pretty alright. So naturally, I decided to use this for my profile picture.

I'm smiling just thinking about what I'm going to say about this next piece. My daughter and I were talking about what we'd call ourselves if we were named after our clothes. We decided my name would be sweater.


Last fall, I bought a really cute oversized navy and white cardigan similar to this one and I wore it nearly everyday. Sadly, I wore it to death. So when I saw this, I knew it was a keeper! This one is even softer, and the colors are so me. It's the Pixley Dali Cardigan.

Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this selfie thing!

So, just last week I acquired my all time favorite Stitch Fix item, the Mavi Bartlett Crochet Detail Pullover Sweater. The gorgeous color on this, which is like a dark slate grey, really does something for my skin tone. I can't remember ever having anything in this color before and am excited to have a new favorite to wear.

Can you see the pomegranates growing in the background here? Number 2 really loves those.

I wanted to be sure and give you a close up on the crochet detail at the neckline. Also, the texture. The fabric is so unique, and like the Moni blouse it is heavier but breathable. It's mostly cotton, and a little bit nylon (maybe the crochet?) And, no wool, so no itching!

Since I was already playing dress up I thought I'd share this top I picked up from Loft, too. I rarely get out and go shopping anymore but my daughter and I went on a spree for her birthday. I just had to have this top. Wish I had some pictures to show you of number 1 in her choices. I can't believe how grown up she looks. Sigh.


I love the neckline on this top; it works perfectly with a scarf my mom bought me last winter! Doesn't it look cute with my Stitch Fix Marson denim trousers?

Oh, and since it's such a rare occasion that I get to blog anymore, here's a recent pic of the little reason I prefer shopping from home :) Blurry, but adorable. Maybe next time I'll use my Stitch Fix selfie stick.

Here are the rest of my reasons.

Want to try Stitch Fix but not into using apps?

Happy Fall Y'all! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Evereve Trendsend Review: A Subscription Box for Moms

I'm always on the lookout for new subscription boxes and was really excited to find an online personal styling service dedicated to moms, Trendsend by Evereve. If you are anything like me, time is limited when it comes to shopping for clothes, and things don't fit like they used to. Even if they do, they went out of style years ago. My clothing needs have changed, too. Trendend's response? "Take care of your family, we'll take care of your fashion." Brilliant.

In browsing the Evereve website, I was very impressed by the brands, fit and style of the clothes. It took me about 10 minutes to fill out a very detailed style profile and fill out my special requests. I pinned several of my favorite Evereve pieces and linked my Pinterest style board to my profile and requested a box!

Trendsend promised a 14 day turnaround and they delivered! My box arrived 11 days later via UPS. The service is free, no styling fees or shipping charges. What more could a mom ask for?

I have to admit I peeked at what I would be getting when I received my shipping email. If you are wondering how to do that, just click on the "leave feedback" link. I was intrigued by the pieces they'd chosen! I don't normally peek, but I knew I'd be busy when the box arrived (as it came on the same day as half a dozen other things) so I wanted to wrap my head around it.

When the box came, I quickly unwrapped it to find all of the clothes neatly wrapped in tissue paper, held together by stickers with cute little sayings. The box also included an invoice, a letter from my personal shopper with styling tips, a shipping envelope and a prepaid USPS sticker.

I was so excited to see some items for fall! Now if the weather would just cooperate. It was around 100 degrees when I tried these on, but I didn't care. I felt like fall Barbie playing fashion show!

This was my favorite outfit out of the box, both off and on. Trendsend calls this top Under Skies Tab Sleeve Plaid Top or Plaid Button Down Top in red/navy.

The tag read Skies are Blue, one of my favorite brands! $58 seems reasonable, but I do occasionally have time to shop and just picked up a similar shirt at Costco for $12. This one definitely has more finesse, but I decided I can only do so much plaid. Here the Costco version, which came in several colors. It has more of a western feel, snap buttons and such.

The jeans are Kut from the Kloth and were described as straight leg jeans on the invoice, but in reality they are the Dianna Skinnies and are just that. Therefore they are the exact opposite of what I asked for. Does any retailer (besides Stitch Fix) carry anything but skinnies anymore? I may have tolerated them, as they look great with boots under long tops, however I looked (and felt) like I'd just finished baking in the oven. I'm wearing them in most of these pictures.

This next top is the Braeve Charcoal Tunic or Washed Ashore Tunic for $58. It is really thick, and the hem has a raw edge which I like.

I love everything about this top, but it just doesn't love me back. The scoop neck and oversized fit didn't work well with my shape.

The next top had similar issues, and was even more unflattering because the fabric was very thin and unforgiving.

I genuinely dislike this hi lo trend. I don't need mud flaps. The color was beautiful though on this Free People Ventura Thermal. But $68? No.

This trench had great potential. It's the Ellison Oversize Trench or Holden in pebble for $78. Turns out pebble isn't my color, and I JUST bought another trench. The one size fits all didn't work out too well for me on this one anyway.

The sleeve looked much better tabbed, but were tight (and I have narrow arms).

I didn't think the drape was very flattering either. But this must be working out for everyone else, because Evereve called it a Best Seller.

I thought these Lysse Center Seam Ponte Leggings for $78 and the Peyton Jensen Cambridge Boyfriend Cardy for $48 were the last 2 items in the box. Did I mention I was really hot and received half a dozen other things that needed photographed? I was getting a bit delirious and threw these on haphazardly with this less than desirable surprise top from Golden Tote. I'm sorry.

I genuinely loved the space dye and coziness of the fabric on the sweater, but it felt shapeless. Still, I actually kind of regret sending it back. It's very on trend and would probably go with everything.

I desperately wanted to keep the leggings but just couldn't justify another pair - so similar to what I already have - for that price. Besides, Stitch Fix just started carrying these <3

Turns out I missed a shirt in the bottom of the box. Another plaid shirt, from Lovestitch, the vintage wash plaid shirt for $39.99 on sale. It was really warm. And a tad tight. Love the material and pattern though! Wish they'd had the size up to swap.

So I didn't keep anything, which is weird because everything pretty much fit. I think it was just bad timing with the hot weather, half dozen other things, and new job stress. I am REALLY impressed with what they picked out for me on the very first go round. I would definitely do this again in the future! At the very least, I'll shop the sale section of the Evereve store.

For your knowledge, no discounts were offered toward multiple purchases. And as far as I can tell, there is no referral system in place at this time. I hope they offer both in the near future!

If you'd like to try Trendsend, or just shop Evereve, I'd love it if you used my affiliate link:

While I will receive a small commission for referrals, clearly my opinions are all my own. If you do try, be sure to let me know what you think!

Happy Trendsending!