Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chloe + Isabel Semi-annual Sale Suggestions Summer 2016

In case you haven't heard, Chloe + Isabel is having their Semi-annual sale! 20% of the shop is marked down to 40-65% off, with items from just about every category. Now is the time to shop for items on your wishlist, birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family, and new styles you've been thinking about trying.

Here are a few suggestions. Grab them before their gone!
Shop here:

First, I wear this piece often. It's the Geovista Convertible Pendant Necklace. I love that I can wear the 2 layers separately, together, or layer them with my longer pieces. The semi-precious stone is gorgeous, and the antique gold plate finish is easy to wear with casual tees, tanks and dresses.

I'm wearing it with my lunette long station necklace, which seems to go with everything! The Geovista earrings, cuff bracelet set, statement bracelet and stackable rings that match are all on sale, too.

There are also several exclusive pieces on sale, new and never before seen styles from our secret c+i jewelry box, or the candi vault, as we call it.

The crystal flower stud earrings are just perfect heading into fall, don't you think?

Pair them with this burgundy leather + baguette bracelet in berry, a never before released color!

This gorgeous combination is also available for the first time ever. The top one, the Midnight Palace Octagon Collar Necklace was a merchandiser exclusive, now available to all! 

It's shown with the Midnight Palace Statement Collar Necklace, which is also on sale at a steal. 

Which brings me to my next suggestion, try out something new! We all love our convertible necklaces, and gravitate towards delicate styles. But the statement pieces are going to take your look to the next level and get you a ton of compliments.

I've had my eye on this one for while. I can't believe the mark down! It's called the Dolce Statement Necklace. I love the vintage vibe.

Don't forget the matching earrings and statement bracelet. Get the whole look for just $129!

I love the Glacial Edge Bib Necklace, too. A versatile piece that really packs a punch.

The Aventine Convertible Statement Necklace is another great choice, one you can easily dress up or down. It's a little bit edgy with just enough classic, and the color combination is easy to style.

It's also a great time to add a few rings to your collection. Every single style shown here is marked down, 40-65% off!

All in all, 91 pieces are on sale, now through Monday, July 31st at 11:59pm EST, while supplies last! Ready, set, go!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Stitch Fix Review Summer 2016: Laid Back Casual Chic Style

Stitch Fix and I have a long, complicated relationship. Initially, it was that new thing I just had to try and an attempt at replacing my old wardrobe in the transition from working Mom to stay-at-home-mom of 4. Then, crazy me, I took a job as a stylist with them. Whew! That was crazy.

Now, we are like old friends, occasionally getting together and picking right back up where we left off. I couldn't resist getting back in the swing when I got the infamous "The Styling Fee is On Us" email. So I updated my profile, threw in a few requests, and here's what the stylist picked out for #19.

First up, the classic 41Hawthorn Breyson Pleated Tab-Sleeved Blouse in Coral.


I get this choice. I have a long torso and like a straight fit, and the $37 price tag is perfect for my budget. #1 asked me if I liked this one, and when I said "the color makes me feel like a lobster", she frowned and said "ahhh, it looks good on you." I always love this color on the hanger, but feel like it washes me out. But a teenager told me it looks good, so...what's an old lady to do? #4 suggested baseball, but I was wearing my white Loft jeans, so....

I tried on the Skies are Blue Timone Knit Tank in Jewel Tone Purple, $48.

One of the things I made sure to do when I updated my profile this time was request shoulder coverage, so this choice was a little perplexing at first. But, they do know I'm a sucker for layering (I've bought several cardis) so I'm thinking my request for jewel tones and this specific brand won out.

I couldn't resist putting on my favorite new hat from my Chloe + Isabel Boutique, the Wide-Brimmed Summer Straw Hat. Next thing you know, I'm layering, again. #1 thinks I've put too many patterns together. Chevron and Aztec don't go together? Obviously, I don't care.

I am officially addicted to Chloe + Isabel jewelry now so you may have noticed my Capri Convertible Necklace above, which I converted to a single layer for this look.

I forgot to mention they also sent me a pair of Kut From The Kloth Kate Boyfriend jeans ($88), which I was wearing with the Skies are Blue Timone and kept on for the next outfit. I scratched my head a bit when I saw them headed my way (iPhone app cheat this time around). But I did say I liked this brand. It's just, I already got this exact style and size and returned it. They were longer this time, which helped. I like them, but I just bought a few used pair at 1/3 the price.

Here they are with the Papermoon Neptune Racerback Top in Cobalt, $38.

Excuse the expression, I just couldn't even pretend to be comfortable in this piece. I hate baring my shoulders and the racerback put me over the edge. I felt much more comfortable with the Market & Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan (navy, $37) over.

This type of outfit is definitely me. But I feel like I already own it. I have several boho print, polyester tops and solid cardigans. So the wow factor was missing here.

I do love the funky, asymmetrical detail and the color is great for my skin tone. And I'm always looking for an excuse to put on my Capri Pendant Necklace. The length is adjustable and it looks great over so many necklines, and I love how it looks above the cardigan.

So, I guess you could say I have no idea what I'll do! For those of you who are new, they usually charge a $20 styling fee when the box ships which they credit back if you keep something. It's not much, but it usually motivates me to keep something. But this time they waived the fee!

The absolute best thing about subscription box shopping is taking your time deciding what to keep. I can try it all on again tomorrow, mix and match pieces with other clothes I have (and jewelry!), and take my time getting opinions from friends and family. And when I've made up my mind, I'll send the rest back in my mailbox!

Sound like something you might like to try? I'd love it if you followed my affiliate link when you head over and check things out.

If you saw a piece of jewelry you just have to have, I'd love it if you visited my shop:, even better if you shoot me an email so I can alert you to sales and promotions!

Thanks for taking the time to look, I hope you found a few pieces to Pin for your stylist, and if you're trying this service for the first time, you love it just as much as I do!

Happy Fixin'

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Chloe + Isabel Summer Collection

With the summer solstice upon us (I feel like it's already here!) I scoured the Chloe + Isabel Amalfi Coast Lookbook for pieces that are summer ready. I recently received the Limencello Statement Necklace Set (photos of #1 wearing that one on my Facebook page) with gorgeous faceted yellow, turquoise and howlite stones so I was looking for everyday jewelry, convertible pieces I could mix and match and wear with my favorite tees and boho prints. I can't wait to show you what I picked out, recommend a few must-haves for summer 2016, and show you my Chloe + Isabel display along the way.

First up is the Capri Three-Row Convertible Necklace, which I just had to have when one of my VIP customers shared these pictures of herself wearing the necklace with shorts from Stitch Fix and a top from Tag. Isn't she adorable?

Here are a few close ups I took after my last pop-up party. I'm going to wear this baby tomorrow!


I love Chloe + Isabel convertible necklaces. I've always wanted to rock that layered look, but had trouble matching. These are ready to wear as is, but can also be separated to coordinate with other necklaces or worn on their own.

I can't wait to try them individually with the Capri Convertible Pendant Necklace below. This one has a slide adjustment on the back so you can wear it like a bib, long, or anywhere in between.

I wore it the day it arrived as it worked perfectly with the crew neck I was wearing, and paired it with the Lunette Long Station Necklace (see this look on my Facebook page).

I caved in and ordered the Wide-Brimmed Summer Straw Hat after realizing it looks good on everyone. I was too lazy to take out the tripod, and selfies with a DSLR aren't easy; be kind.

We carry several other non-jewelry summer essentials, be sure and check them out!

That there is the Morningtide Convertible Collar Necklace from my starter kit, which is becoming my signature piece. The v-neck is the Sleeveless Linen V-Neck Tee from Loft in Forever Navy.

For those ponytail kind of days, you know the ones (today), I ordered the Jen Atkin X Chloe + Isabel rose gold Ponytail Clip, part of our latest collection of hair accessories.

I love the packaging on the new hair accessories. This one came in a pretty box and the other a magnetic closure pouch, perfect for gifting.

For fancier summer hair days like summer weddings or graduations I chose the Small Crystal Pave Fan Pin Set

I guess you can say I got a little hair obsessed. I threw in the Crystal Baguette Hair Comb to match my Mirabelle Petite Collar Necklace and drop earrings, commonly worn as bridal jewelry pieces but I wear them to church.

The jury isn't officially out on whether I'm a Chloe or an Isabel, but this next choice is a little bit of both. The Bianca Teardrop Ring has that elegant, vintage feel with a touch of modern maven with the chalcedony stone.

I wasn't sure which size to buy so I ordered an inexpensive ring sizer on Amazon which worked out well. You can buy yourself one here.

I prefer this type over the various rings on a loop because I'm always worried my fingers will get stuck in those! It also takes up very little space in my storage case.

I placed it near my ring holder at my last pop-up party and I think every single guest measured their fingers. It's pretty handy! 

I bought this little ring dish at Hobby Lobby right before I signed up to become a merchandiser and I absolutely love it!

Here it is with the Lunette Open Band Ring, which I've worn everyday since I got it. You need this ring for summer; it's lightweight and you won't even notice you're wearing it (with exception of the constant compliments). If you're on the fence about ring sizes, the "open" styles like this are all adjustable.

I may have to start changing my clothes a few times a day, I desperately want to wear this next one. I love the cut of the amethyst stone on the Geovista Convertible Pendant Necklace

I saved the best for last, one of our most popular styles for summer. The aquamarina collection has so many great pieces, I may get a bracelet to coordinate with this Convertible Pendant Necklace.

I got this cute little mirror for my display at the Daiso store.

Here's a close up of the top layer, so pretty!

I couldn't get a great picture of my whole display (which I'm constantly rearranging), but here's the condensed version.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

Perhaps you're thinking about becoming a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser. If so, be sure to checkout my last post about my Essential Kit or click on my affiliate link here to learn more.

Want to join my mailing listing for upcoming sales and promotions? Send me an email at

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 6, 2016

What's In My New Chloe + Isabel Essential Kit

Remember the other day when I was talking about my new found love for Chloe + Isabel jewelry? Well, shortly after writing about it I popped over to Candice's house and picked up the summer catalog featuring the Amalfi coast. She happened to have her jewelry on display from a recent Pop-Up Shop and I got to see her amazing jewelry collection. What was meant to be a 5 minute hello turned into me asking a ton of questions and trying it all on.

(Enter, spoiler picture)

When I got home I looked through the catalog several times and got to thinking about this unique opportunity. You see, recently I gave up my job as a stylist with Stitch Fix because the commitment became too much. While I do run a successful Etsy shop, there are times when money is tight. I wondered, could this be the perfect work-from-home job for me?

The more I looked into it the more I realized that the risk was worth the potential reward. For just $175 Chloe + Isabel sets you up with the Essential Kit, a starter kit full of gorgeous jewelry and supplies to get you up and running. 

I've also come to a point where I want work to be fun. So, I took the plunge! My kit just arrived on Friday and I can't wait to show you the goods.

Everything came packaged in this fun little tote complete with 15 catalogs, order forms, wishlists, a display board and a bracelet display.

Wowza, there are 17 pieces in the starter kit! I realize they have varying values, but that's just $10 a piece. That's impressive, and I'm not even counting the non-jewelry stuff.

I realize most of you are just here to shop, so I let's get on with it. The piece I was most excited to get in the mail was the Morningtide Convertible Collar Necklace.

 I wore it to church yesterday with my light pink Loft Vintage Tee, my striped blue and navy Staccato cardigan and my favorite Dear John jeans from Stitch Fix.

It's definitely a statement piece, but the delicate colors and antique brass finish are subtle and easy to pair with everyday outfits. I switched out the chain for the rope and was surprised at how lightweight and comfortable it was to wear.

My daughter wore the Pearl + Crystal Drops Long Necklace (shown below with the Pearl + Crystal Floral Filigree Earrings) over a navy fit and flare dress from  Forever 21 and she got a ton of compliments. 

She also had her eye on this one, the Mirabelle Petite Collar Necklace.

This is from our vintage inspired collection, a timeless piece I can see a modern bride choosing for her bridal jewelry or bridal party. The drop earrings can be found here.

The pieces all coordinate so well. Here's a look at gold toned jewelry from the collection together. The sneak peek at the top of this post gives a better close up with detail on the Tresors Toggle Bracelet. There are a ton of cute charms you can add to it, but I love the C+I charms that came with it. It coordinates well with the Retro Glam Square-Cut Crystal Bracelet just below it here. That one comes in a few other colors.

Sometimes the best things come in small packages, like these gorgeous glam studs, the Beau Monde Stud Earrings.


It's difficult to capture the beauty of the stones in the Minaret Three-Row Convertible Necklace but in just the short time I've been working for Chloe + Isabel it's probably the most talked about piece. It comes in a few different combinations, something for everyone.

The convertible factor is absolutely my favorite feature on several of my new favorite pieces. You can wear the Minaret Necklace altogether, or separate each pendant.

I almost forgot to take a picture of the Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet because it was the first thing I put on! This is the navy version, but I desperately want the Limencello version and the Rosegold.

All of the C+I bracelets I've come across so far have adjustable sizing, something I genuinely appreciate as a person with very small wrists.

Last, a special piece exclusive to Chloe + Isabel Merchandisers, the branch chain necklace. I'm wearing it right now! Here's a little sneak peek at my display post, coming up soon.

I love that the kit comes with a good mix of both silver and gold jewelry, everyday essentials and statement pieces to fit a variety of budgets.

So for $175, I received $700 worth of jewelry!

I think it should also be said that chloe + isabel, unlike many other direct sales companies, has absolutely no sales quotas. I honestly couldn't believe that so I think I asked half a dozen people to confirm it. Turns out it's true.

If you're thinking about becoming a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser, click on my affiliate link here for more details: Be Your Own Boss
Send me an email at if you have any questions.

Not to sound hokey or typical, but I love being a part of something I believe in. All of our jewelry is backed by a lifetime guarantee and is nickel and lead free.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Essential Kit and supporting my latest venutre. If you'd like updates on sales and promotions or just want to see more pictures of pretty Chloe + Isabel jewelry, follow my Facebook page here:

Happy Shopping!