Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girly Girl Giveaway Sponsor #2: theStarcraft

The very first thing I received in the mail for this giveaway was the pink carina mobile from Frances over at theStarcraft. There is something really magical about these mobiles. These light as a feather creations hang from delicate metal wires and are made with lustrous ribbon-like papers. The stars hang from invisible wires and float about with even the slightest hint of wind. I'll hate to see this one go:

carina pink
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I am amazed by Fraces' ability to manipulate paper! Look at these intricate designs:

caelum sphere funnies
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I absolutely love the stars with sheet music!

metallic multi music (3inch)
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Here's a little more info about Frances:

Q: Where did you learn your craft?
A: From my great grandmother 14 years ago.

Q: What is the best advice about Etsy you've received? 
A: From my husband, that it is ok to take a break every once in a while :)
Q: How do you balance work and home life/real job? 
A: My real job is watching my kids, so thankfully I can work on my stars while watching them. They come first, so when I get busy I get up early or stay up late to work.

Q: How do you define success? 
A: Loving what you do and making money doing it

I know some of you out there are thinkin', I can do that! Frances happens to sells a book on how to make these and all other kinds of fun stuff on blurb. You can also find paper supplies in theStarcraft Etsy store. 

In the true spirit of generosity, Frances is sharing with us an exclusive 10% off coupon code for her shop! Use MODERN10 at checkout during the giveaway to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks Frances, loved every minute of it!


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