Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girly Giveaway Sponsor #4: theolivetreeboutique

Please give a warm welcome to Christina from theolivetreeboutique! Christina has sent us one of her fun new fabric  hair clips!

fabric flower clip
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Don't you love it?! Christina really knows how to put a couple of pieces of fabric together to make something pop. It would be impossible for me to ever decide which fabric I LOVE the most. This is probably why I was originally drawn to the shop by this festive garland:

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Wowza! I really love it. And check out these rosettes, SO colorful: 

fabric flower onesie
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Christina adorns many a useful things with these fabulous creations including onesies, headbands, and wipes cases. I can't get over the extremely reasonable prices either! These ALL are a serious steal.

A little info on Christina

Q: Where did you learn your craft? 
A: Good question. I got my degree in art so I would love to say art school...but if I am being tube and my BFF Google.

Q: What do you do when sales are slow in your shop? 
A: When my sales are low that shows me people aren't interest in what is currently in my shop so I clearance everything out and make new items with fabric that is more up to date with what is in season. Nobody wants to by 4th of July clips in October. 

Q: How do you balance work and home life/real job?
A: I am truly blessed to be able to be a full time mamma...I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old... I can't really lock myself inside a studio all day so I work where my kids are. I hand sew everything so this works...if they are playing outside...I sew out side. If they are riding bikes...I sit on the porch and sew and I take full advantage of nap time! My first job is my kids so as long as they are happy I work...some days I can't do anything...and that is fine.
Q: What do you find most challenging about running your shop, and how do you overcome it? 
A: All the emails!!  I try to keep a list to keep my mind organized and I make folders for my convos...a "work in progress" folder a "need to answer" folder  and "finished" folder.

Get to know Christina better by following her blog

Stay tuned for a full product review featuring theolivetreeboutique. Thanks so much Christina for giving me something to smile about, something I really value my "job" :)


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