Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm just nuts about RaeGun!

What's filling up the pages of "New items from your favorite shops"? A rainbow of ruffle covered bloomers and onesies from RaeGun. I was TOO excited when Marissa told me she'd do a feature & exclusive coupon code!

When did I fall for RaeGun? When I saw these:

Mermaid Princess  -wrap around ruffle diaper covers
Buy it here
Littlest Witch -ruffle diaper covers
Buy it here
Aren't they fantastic? Marissa has a God given gift for matching colors and patterns to make the most adorable children's clothing.

Girl Circus Elephent -ruffle diaper covers gift set
Buy it here
Did I mention she makes costumes? I just had to mention it as Halloween is coming up, & I just know one of you is going to want one of these (which happens to be the most popular this time of year):

Buy it here

Sorry folks, they do not come in adult sizes ;)

So, are you dying to know what Marissa has to say? Alright already!

Q: How has your shopped changed since it opened?
A: Well now it's my full time thing. It took a while to figure out what works and what doesn't, what's cute and what takes too much time to be worth it to sell and what I like making (over and over and over again). What that means for the shop is that I've focused more on bottoms and less on dresses. 

Q: What is the best business decision you ever made?A: The best business decision was to focus more on bottoms and sets than dresses and larger items. As much as I like the larger items they take a lot more time and use more material so I make a lot less on them in proportion to how much time I spend on them.

Q: Worst? (This one just cracked me up, I couldn't resist)
A: To put up with lame people. 99% of my customers are awesome but every once in a while someone really lame comes a long. When you first start out you want to take every job but you can usually tell early on if someone is weird and will be really mean, problematic or otherwise lame. I regret continuing on with a few orders even though I got weird feelings from the customers early on. The headache and heartache that ensued was definitely not worth the money.

Q: What advice do you have for new sellers on Etsy? (I'm starting to see a theme here)
A:  Promote. You may have an awesome item but in the beginning you must spend 80% of your time getting people to know your item is out there. It's annoying and probably not what you want to do but after you fill up your store you've got to do things to bring people to it. It is slow and takes a long time but ones things pick up you won't have to worry about that aspect as much.

Q: What is the best compliment your shop/you have received?

A: I LOVE receiving pictures of kiddos wearing my goodies. It makes me so happy. A lot of times they are from birthday parties and it's just so fun to be able to celebrate with them in that way.

Q: Do you have a vice?

A: I've got fat tastebuds. I love fried foods, most sweets and my favorite healthy food is avocado which again is total fat.

Q: Just for fun, what is your favorite shop on Etsy?
A: I've got a new favorite called BowieBlain. It's really cool upcycled jewelry.

Here's what you've all been waiting for: an exclusive coupon code! Use MODERN10 at checkout for 10% off, now until October 31st (just in time for Halloween!)

Keep up to date on the latest from Marissa and RaeGun on her blog or Facebook.
Thanks for making my (our) day, Marissa! Keep up the good work!


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