Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snowmachine = Shopful of Robots = Love

Did I mention I'm obsessed with robots? No?!?!?! I'm obsessed with robots....

Abby from Snowmachine has the market cornered plush robots, period. I have to admit, her robots have been an inspiration for my new robot designs. Having sweat over mine, I realize how much creativity goes into creating unique robot "personalities." 

I'll just admit it, it's impossible to choose a favorite, 
but I am just jealous of this design: 

Robot Plushie Medium
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Abby says this it is the most popular style in her shop. 
The first one she made last year at Christmas sold in an hour!  

I also love that she made girly robots, robots aren't just for boys!

Robot Plushie Girly Medium
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Abby also makes "edible" robots ;)

Robot Plushie Mini stroller car seat toy
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Enough about robots! Let's talk about Abby (and robots, of course). Now, typically I ask people 8-10 questions and you only get the most interesting. I couldn't resist posting everything Abby had to say: 

Q: How has your shopped changed since it opened?
A: My shop has been open about a year and a half and it's changed a lot since it opened. At first I was more focused on burp clothes and other baby items but I started to realize that my robots were the most unique item I had and therefore the most successful. I focus mostly on them now. 

Q: What is the best business decision you ever made?
A: In January I decided to change how I ran my shop- previously I would make a robot, take pictures, and then list the robot. Everything was always ready to ship but if I was busy my shop would get empty. I decided to reverse how I worked- I now have several styles to choose from and I make the robots as they are ordered. It means that my shop is never empty and I still have the flexibility to stay creative and add new styles whenever I want.

Q: What advice do you have for new sellers on Etsy?
A: Do a search for the item you want to make. If there are a million items for sale just like what you have in mind you might have a long road ahead. Try to find your niche, what makes your product unique? Focus on making that great. A bit of advice I read on the forums when I was starting was to just keep making things. If you keep making and listing things will fall into place. 

Q: How do you come up with new ideas? 
A: I've always been a really observent person. My mom says that when I was little she could move one thing in the house and I would know immediately. I think observation is what inspires me. Looking at the visual culture around me gives me ideas for what should be the next thing in my shop. I also get ideas from customers who want something specific. Sometimes the best ideas come from, "do you think you could make...?"

Q: What is the best compliment your shop/you have received?
A: I've had some really amazing heartfelt feedback that makes me feel great about what I do. There have been a couple times that a customer has told me about their children taking their new robots somewhere very meaningful, one to a surgery and one to an adoption hearing. I will always treasure those stories where something I made was there for comfort during an important time in a child's life. 

Q: Just for fun, what is your favorite shop on Etsy?
A: I have a few shops that I really like but moncadeau is one of my very favorites. I have the initial rings for my son's names and I really want some of her necklaces.


Abby has generously agreed to offer an exclusive coupon code for our readers! Use the code ROBOTMAIL to receive free shipping on your order from Snowmachine!

Domo arigato, Abby! I couldn't be more thrilled!



  1. Having known Abby for many years, I must say that not only is she uber talented, but she is a fantastic person to boot! She is making a Batman robot for my son's birthday and I can't be more excited! Thanks for featuring her on your blog--she deserves it!

  2. How sweet :) It was my pleasure to do this feature!