Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 46 MyHandboundBooks

So this next item on my Christmas list is one of those 
"Are you serious?" things.

I mean, ten bucks, really? 
I don't think you could buy some mass produced boring old notebook for that cheap!
And this one from MyHandboundBooks is handmade, with awesome detail:

Small Leather Notebook - brown
Buy it here
I love so many things about the books from this store. I love the textures and lines,
and even though essentially they are all the same thing, each has a unique personality.

Leather Journal with mixed papers - Green
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And the colors, oh, the colors.

Yellow...mmmm...seriously, I love you.
Growing up I was too contrary to admit I loved yellow.

Leather Planner 2012 - weekly format - handbound
Buy it here

As if I wasn't already lovin' it, MyHandboundBooks had to throw in these tiny mini notebooks.
These are like my mini notebooks, but on steroids.

Tiny Leather Journal - Dark Brown
Buy it here

I can almost smell the leather just looking at these. 
I hope I smell the real thing come Christmas morn.

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