Friday, November 4, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 50 mon cadeau

Can you believe there are only 50 days until Christmas? 
Let the Countdown begin!

For the next 50 days I'll be showing you
what's on my Christmas list.
I'm a sensible kind of person, so you won't see anything outrageously priced. 

Let's get started with item #50
I've been admiring this item from mon cadeau for quite some time:

For your bridesmaid - Gold filled Initial tiny heart necklace by hand stamp - gold filled heart with sterling silver chain - MADE TO ORDER
Buy it here
If my husband just happens to stumble on this...
Yes, this list is for real!

One reason I haven't bought one for myself is there are so many things I love from this shop,
it's too hard to choose!
I love this design as well (I'm thinking my kids initials on this one):

Silver initial tiny heart necklace - 3 heart pendants - MADE TO ORDER
Buy it here
Gorgeous rings as well!
I love mixed metal jewelry.

Set of 10 skinny stackable rings - mix metal rings - MADE TO ORDER
Buy it here
Don't  you just love it?
I thought so! Be sure to put it on your list :)

Thanks mon cadeau for being so awesome.


  1. love this countdown idea... ahh-dorable... may steal it.

  2. Why thanks, I'm flattered. Steal away! Of course, I'd love it if you'd put up a link to my blog :) Be sure to send me a link if you do!