Friday, December 16, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 9 Three Red Apples

I do love apples, and I undoubtedly get apples every year in my stocking.
But I'm talking about a different sort of Three Red Apples:

Embroidery Hoop Art -'Plotting chickens' Whimsical Textile Illustration in turquoise & orange - 8" hoop
Buy it here
Embroidered Reindeer Stocking - Red, Green, white & linen
Buy it here

Embroidery Original Art Canvas - 'Queenie' Scandinavian Textile Artwork. Purple, orange, turquoise, olive
Buy it here
Embroidery Hoop Art - 'I love my bed' Textile Art in yellow - 6 inches hoop
Buy the small one here

Embroidered Messenger Bag - 'La Basse-court' large patchwork bag in pink and green
Buy it here
Embroidered Pillow Cover - 'Love life' cushion in turquoise and scarlet red 16 x 12
Buy it here
Embroidered Hoop Art - Airstream Bambi Textile Artwork in blue and green - Large 10" hoop
Buy it here
Delicious, delectable home decor at Three Red Apples.
So much more in store.