Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 11 Pony and Poppy

Can you tell I love linens? 
I can't wait to tell you about this next shop, full of my favorite things:

I want, well, pretty much everything:

The towels...
Linen Tea Towel - White Flowers. Natural Flax. Hand Screen-Printed.
Buy it here
The produce bags....
Farmer's Market Produce Bag. Set of TWO. Three Red Apples. Hand screen-printed and handmade.
Buy it here
The pillows...
Fern Pillow. Purple on Natural Canvas. Screen Print.
Buy it here
The table runners...
Hemstitched Linen Table Runner. Red Snowflake. Christmas Gift Idea. Holiday Table.
Buy it here
The scarves...
Pinwheel Doily. Jersey Scarf. Hand-pulled Screen Print.
Buy it here
The notecards
Pomegranate. Linocut block print.
Buy it here
The napkins....
Cloth Dinner Napkin. Marigold. Set of Four. Hand Screen-Printed.
Buy it here
And a little something for my baby. That's really for me, right?
Trike and Robot. Onesie Bodysuit Set of Two. Hand Screen Printed.
Buy it here
I never get bored of linens.
Thanks for brightening my day Pony & Poppy :)

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