Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 21 Marley & Lockyer

I have to get new ornaments every year, it's a tradition!
In the past, I've made ornaments..but with 3 kids it has become very difficult.
I think buying handmade would make a great substitution.

I've been seeing quite a few of these clay tags on Etsy
 from Marley & Lockyer, and I want ALL of them :)

Hint Of Snow- White Clay tags- set of 3
Buy it here

Aren't they lovely? Those are my favorites.
I also love these:

Vintage Doily Joy Clay Tags- set of 2
Buy it here
I love the texture of these tags. 
They send my mind wandering to what must have made the impression.

Sweet Snowflake Clay Tags- set of 3
Buy it here

I love the idea of clay tags, they can decorate a gift, but really they are a gift alone!

Clay Tree Tag- 'Tis The Season
Buy it here

And, you can hang them as ornaments, which is what I think of them as.
So versatile. If you got these, you could use them year round.

3D Star Clay Tag- set of 2
Buy it here
Anyhow, if you are going to buy these from me you'd better hurry!
Marley & Lockyer are over in Australia :)

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