Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Halloween Printable

Have you ever found yourself in awe of the gratitude of others?

My son has been sick for over a week now, and teething on top of that.
Last night was a rough one for both my husband and myself.
It was evident I wasn't going to make it into work this morning.
I always dread telling my coworkers I can't make it.

My coworker's response, "Oh no! Poor kid! It's so sad when they are sick! I hope he is better soon."
I still felt bad so I said, "I'm going to try to come in tomorrow."
Her reply, "Okay, don't worry about work."

Isn't that sweet? Not..."Oh no, we've got 40 patients to see today" 
or "when will you be back?"
Just, "don't worry."

God has surrounded me with caring, compassionate people.
God has blessed me with a loving husband who helps me through the toughest of days (and nights).
God has provided for me financially so that when I need to be, I can be home for my babies.
God is growing patience in me on these extra rough days.

It seems like a silly thing to do, but I just want to give something back.
I've created another free printable to share, this time for Halloween!

Just send me a quick email and I'll send you the printable file!

God bless you folks, each and every one.

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