Saturday, December 22, 2012

November's Charity

I was having such a hard time deciding what to do with
the proceeds from my November sales.
I couldn't get ahold of anyone at my job about matching.
Then I was considering a few organizations,
but I just felt no connection to them.
It's so hard to choose a charity.

One morning on my way into church, I knew what I wanted to do.
A group of ladies had set up an "Angel Tree" with little ornaments
representing families in our church who were having
financial difficulty this season.
It was easy to choose, you see there were quite a few for a 10 year old girl.
I thought about how easily that could be my little girl.

Shopping was fun, and I may have gone a bit overboard.
But it brings me such joy to do something special for these families.
I'm sure they'll never know where it came from and that's just fine by me.
But hopefully they'll feel God's love this Christmas
through the gifts given by my church family.

Merry Christmas friends, and God bless you!

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