Friday, March 6, 2015

Golden Tote Review #2 March 2015

So if you read my first Golden Tote review or my post about where to buy Golden Tote surprise items, you're probably wondering why on earth I ordered another Golden Tote.

#1 I'm an addict

#2 My Facebook group enabled me

In retrospect, I made a bad choice the first time around. I bought a mystery tote. I should have known with my personality that 4 total surprises weren't going to work for me.

Second, I wouldn't have ordered small. But there was no way to know that at the time! And who knows, maybe all mediums would have been too big.

So, I joined the facebook group Golden Tote recommended for trading unwanted items, Golden Tote Trading Group. You can find it here.

From there I found several other spin offs where I was able to commiserate with others. But it also turned out that while these other groups were full of complainers, they are also addicts. So there were dozens of reveals, "I caved in," or "They got me again."

Seeing the clothes on real people really sold me. There were several items that everyone looked good in and raved about. So I fell in love with this Touch of Spring Top from Potters Pot.

I never would have picked this out for myself in a million years if I'd just seen it on a "mannequin" online. But people talked about how soft and comfortable it is, and how they love the colors.

So when I heard Golden Tote was offering free shipping this week due to the delay of the March line, I jumped online to buy the things I'd be considering. I was reluctant, but I figured since you can return it and shipping was free, there was really no risk.

I'm so glad I did. I could have just bought the top and been done with it but it was $35 for the top, or I could buy the $49 tote and get the top of my choice and a surprise item. For $14 I decided to take a gamble.

So it turns out you don't have to return the whole tote anymore. You can keep the chosen item for the boutique price and return the surprise item, or you can keep the surprise item for $35 and return the chosen item. I did neither, since I loved both! But I like options.

Here's the March 2014 surprise item I received. I had made a note at checkout that my favorite colors were blue, black and gray, I wanted a top or tunic, in a small or medium, size up if unsure.

I think they hit the nail on the head. This lovely blue blouse is Jella Couture.


The other item I had been eye-balling was the black Puella pocket dress. Originally it was too expensive for my taste, but they dropped the prices of all of the chosen items in the boutique so it's $35 now. There were mixed reviews, but I found out it runs big and some customers received dresses with holes. I sized down and crossed my fingers.

When it arrived I thoroughly inspected it and threw it on. I was instantly in love!

The funniest thing about the 2 items I choose was that they were both made out of a similar material to my Loveappella Evie drawstring funnel neck sweatshirt from Stitch Fix, which I finally decided to give a try and don't want to take off. I'm no fashionista, I had no idea what this material is, but the Stitch Fix blog calls it space dyed slub knit.

So for $90 I received 3 great pieces! And none of them are navy, which is probably a good thing!

Unfortunately the free shipping ends tonight, and the whole website is down tomorrow and Sunday, but Monday morning Golden Tote is promising a pretty new website and a whole new wardrobe. I say give it a try. And if you don't like it, you can sell it to me on the trading group!

If you decide to try it, I'd be delighted if you used my referral:


  1. The Puella dress looks so cute on you! I wish I had sized down, the size small just had too much material happening on me!

  2. I just signed up for my first GT and I selected that Spring top that you got. It looks so cute!

  3. Found the surprise top on Ruche!