Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pantone Spring Color Trends 2015

In business, my go-to for color combinations is Pantone. So I thought I'd give them a try for spring 2015 fashion trends as well. I'm loving the cooler, softer side of the colors in the latest report.

Now, we all have different skin tones and colors aren't one size fits all.
If they were, how boring would shopping be?! But Pantone gave us 10 colors to work with, and a thousand ways to interpret them. I'll show you all of the colors later on, but first, here are a few pretty things to look at. I just picked them up at Marshalls and I think they work well with my complexion while keeping up with the latest spring trends.

Nine West Mixed Print Zipper Tote & Crocs Crocband Flats

So, you know how subscription box profiles always ask what color you never wear? Well, mine is yellow. So when I saw these shoes in the store I was hesitant. But when I found the purse, I knew it was kismet. I most definitely can't do custard yellow (PANTONE 13-0720), but I think I can do canary. I think accessories are a great place to try out new colors.

Crocs Crocband Flats in Canary Yellow

For some reason when I took this picture I thought about Easter egg hunting. By the way, this picture is from the park. These shoes are perfect for on the go moms. I traipsed through sand, wildflowers, and who knows what else that day and they still look brand new! They were $14.99 at Marshalls. But if you don't have time to go looking for them, you can buy them here.

Crocs Crocband Flats & Naked Baby Legs

As much as I was worried about the color on the shoes, I was even more uncertain about the pattern of the tote. But it actually works with a lot of my clothes, like this Lucky Brand Paisley Floral Top.

Lucky Brand Paisley Floral Top
& Modern Straight Destructed Degree Blue Jeans

I love these jeans. They were the first thing I bought after I had the baby, and I'm tempted to buy more! I love Loft's modern straight fit, and the destructed degree blue wash is not at all as ridiculous as most distressed jeans are.

I was tempted to type in the lyrics of a popular children's rhyme here about myself and these new items....

Anyhow, here are the actual colors Pantone recommends for spring 2015.

The lucite green (PANTONE 14-5714) in the purse was what sold me. Are you seeing the strawberry ice & classic blue, or is it just me? And again, I gladly accept canary as a substitute for custard yellow. 

Here's a close up so you can see a little more detail on the Nine West tote. Did I mention it was $19.99? I searched for it FOREVER online to no avail. Boo, sorry readers, have to hit a store.

Nine West Zipper Tote from Marshalls

Doing this made me realize, I need a little more color in my life.

I'm debating requesting a few of these in my next Stitch Fix vs shopping around. Vs both.

I noticed these cool and casual tanks from Golden Tote come in this lucite-ish green, as well as a blue, pink, orange and yellow that are right on point.

Got the spring fever yet?

Here's a list of the Pantone Spring 2015 colors with links to details about each one, including recommended combinations and Designer sketches using the colors.

Short story: When I was starting out on Etsy it was hard to make a sale. I joined the EtsyMom Team. They had a group challenge, we had to create a new product for our shop using a Pantone Fall 2011 color palette. I still attribute a great deal of my success to work I put into that project & the popularity of the chevron tags I created. I think of this whenever I think about Pantone colors.

Enough rambling. I'd love to see/hear about what you are doing for color inspiration!

Have a bright & colorful day.

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