Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Golden Tote Review June 2015

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find Golden Tote on my doorstep, just 1 week after ordering!
This is my 5th order, and it just gets better every time! Isn't this month's palm tree design beautimous? Perfect for the beach this summer!

If this is your first time hearing about Golden Tote, I'm glad you stumbled upon this review! Golden Tote is a unique online shopping experience offering both boutique women's clothing and accessories, as well as personally styled totes full of clothes. If you ask me what sets Golden Tote apart from the rest, it's the incredible value, fresh new styles every month, and a one of a kind facebook trading group.

If you like options, Golden Tote's got em!

1. $49 Small Tote: Choose 1 item, receive 1 surprise item
2. $149 Large Tote: Choose 2 items, receive 4 surprises
3. $99 Surprise Tote: Receive 4 surprises
4. Boutique Orders: Shop online, no surprises
You can also add items from the boutique to tote orders at discounted prices!
5. Mystery Totes: Annual sale, amazing price!

This month I went with the large tote; at just $25 an item, why not!
Shipping is free for orders over $149, and I love picking out a few things and being surprised with the rest. I can't wait to see what you think!

First up, my sisters pick. Size twins = tote sharing :)

We are not really twins, this is me. I am holding her clothes hostage! 
She has great taste, I loved this one, too. It's a great cut and color for summer.

Golden Tote calls it the Fun & Fresh Tank, brand Oat & Fawn.
Can you spot #3 in this picture?

This came in 2 other colors, including a really cute elephant print on black
and a multicolored geometric floral pattern which I almost snagged.

You'll see, once you decide to give it a try.
It's nearly impossible to pick just 2!

I haven't quite graduated to buying 2 totes at once, but I'm all for add-ons, like I did this pretty pleated blouse by Naked Zebra. You may recognize it from my Dailylook Elite Review.
I loved it, but for $50 I just couldn't keep it, and Dailylook Elite and I broke up. So, I added it to my Golden Tote for just $30, score!

It's perfect for Maxi skirts!
I think next month I'll pick up another, it comes in a gazillion colors.

Next, my chosen item, the Nautical by Nature Dress in navy and white by Esley.
This was sort of an impulse buy when the Puella swing I wanted was sold out. Somehow I pictured it differently in my head.

Obviously, this dress didn't work out for me, which is okay. I really wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, and in all fairness, Golden Tote did describe it as bodycon fit. It's a really cute dress, just not on me! I had no trouble selling it in the trading group.

Next up, my surprises! This time around, I tried to be a little more open minded with my style profile. I chose casual, classic and feminine as my favorites, and asked for long, loose fitting tops, casual weekend wear or clothes for wearing to the park with kids.

When I saw this Peach Love top, I immediately thought of my sister!

She recently adopted an adorable little critter named Dojo. He's not a dachshund, but we actually grew up with one. When I sent her a picture of this, we both had a good chuckle!

Unfortunately, it's just not her style, or mine. I posted this for sale and immediately someone responded with a picture of themselves with their dachshund! Our GT trading group is full of creature lovers, and they carry quite a few critter prints for that reason!

Since I already have a big smile on my face from thinking about my old dog, that poor poor blind, deaf old dog, I thought I'd share this next surprise. This also took me back!

This lime green top is from Pink Note and has really interesting mesh detail at the shoulders.
It's super soft and definitely my casual, throw it on with some jeans style.
I guess my sister and I can duke it out over this one.

We just have to figure out what to wear under it.
I think it would be cute over a bathing suit at the beach.

Here's another beachy surprise, definitely a California girl feel about it.
Don't be jealous. Yes, they sent me the Priddy by Puella Swing Tank.

I'm also wearing the Rose Gold Arrow Glasses I added to my tote from the boutique for just $9!

 People will not stop messaging me about this tank!

Unfortunately, it's just too big on me, and "oat" is just too close to my skin tone.
If only the colors on the back were the main event, and not the party in the back!

Here's the last surprise, which I'm still on the fence about. It's from Skies are Blue, one of my favorite brands. I have several of their items from Stitch Fix, another great styling service. But I'm unsure on the fit. I'll let my sister try it on, too. Because, well, if it looks good on her then I have to keep it for myself! Just kidding, she deserves it.

I styled it with a belt, it has a simple elastic waist. I love the colors and the pattern! Reminds me of a few Gilli maxis I've seen for twice the price.

 If you like what you see and want to request it, I will pin these all later. Follow me here:

All in all, I think Golden Tote is doing a really good job of picking out clothes for me and I really look forward to every box! If you want to give it a try, I'd love it if you used my referral! As you can see, $10 goes a long way with Golden Tote!

Here it is:

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The July chosen items will go live July 6th at 9am PST!
Be sure and register ahead of time and get started on your style profile!

Have a golden day!


  1. I love your review! Ok, here is my totally unwanted opinion... I think the Nautical dress looks really good one you!!! I am serious! I just found your blog so I am not sure what your style is or anything like that, but really, it is an awesome dress on you!

    1. Well, aren't you sweet! I welcome all opinions, especially nice ones :) I haven't fully figured out my style yet either, I just no it's not bodycon.

  2. Cute pictures! So fun seeing pictures of everything they sent you :)
    -Mrs PJ