Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jane Grab Bag Fail and Relish Trading Group Win!

If you follow my blog you probably think my life is full of happy mail, but I'm just like everyone else. I like to try new things, sometimes things no one should really ever try. Even after they see tons and tons of bad reviews.

Jane grab bags are one of those things. But they suckered me in with the price tag, and we all do stupid things late at night. You know, when you are tired and you've had a bad day. You think, what have I got to lose?! Surely I'll like ONE thing from this mystery bag.

Nope, not even one. I can't really blame it on Jane. The bag came from White Plum. I'm not sure I can really even blame White Plum? Clearly, I'm the idiot here.

I always hate being negative about things, I know someone out there is going to get hurt feelings. But can you guys just let me vent a little and try and not take it personally? I know someone out there is going to love these clothes, own these clothes, love White Plum. But I just need to tell someone how disappointed I was, and it's your lucky day. I promise to follow it up with a happy Relish Clothing trading group hoorah. Deal?

Let me just start out by saying this deal, including shipping, cost me a whopping $12.98. So clearly, the price tag doesn't warrant a complaint. They promised 3 articles of clothing and 1 accessory, completely randomly chosen, and they delivered. $3.25 an item isn't bad, am I right? Especially if you happen to love 1 item. I'm not saying that happened, just a theory.

On a happy side note, something really fun that has come of all this clothing madness is getting to share and talk about clothes with my daughter. When things runs a little small, she often gets new clothes out of the deal. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), she doesn't like see-through clothes as much as I don't. For instance, this skirt.

Both #1 and I could forgive this terribly bright and cheery color scheme, but agree that neither of us were willing to show our behinds off to wear it. Even for $3.25. Technically this is the biggest win in the bag, because it fit both the girl and I (a small and a medium). The sheerness and length were a no go for me. My daughter couldn't even figure out how to wear it to the beach.

Looks like White Plum has a thing for this color. Somebody has to. Probably the same people that like awkward lengths in pants, and cuffed pants. And low waists. And heavy, thick, hot material for summer clothing.

I apologize, I should have told you to put on some shades before reading this.

I don't really have much to say about this next one.

It's also see-through. I'm wearing a camisole and full length black lysse leggings (Evereve Trendsend reveal coming soon!) underneath because no one wants to see what a woman in her 30s who has had 4 kids looks like with a sheet on.

*Obligatory ignore the mess and horrible photo comment (focus on the baby)*

Can you see how hard I tried to make this work? I even put on a belt for you. I didn't put much effort into the photography or cleaning though. I saved that for the Relish part of this reveal.

Be patient, it's coming.

Last are these earrings. I might have tolerated them, if I had pierced ears. But seriously, these aren't very well made. I wouldn't even gift them. I hope no one paid full price for these.

When I consider that nothing in the box worked out, was giftable or sellable, I start to wonder why I was willing to spend $12.98 on this. Was I expecting something high quality? Did I think it wouldn't be filled with things that no one else wanted? I had a Homer Simpson moment here.

I'm really glad I got the "need" to try a grab bag out of my system so I can get back to the companies and the brands I love, like Relish Clothing.

While I haven't been able to save up enough cash for a Relish box, I have managed to snag a few pieces off the Facebook trading group. This group has doubled in the last few weeks and I feel like I won the lottery being able to manage these steals. The ladies in the group sell and trade the items that don't quite fit or meet their needs for an average of $25 an item. I seriously can't believe such amazing pieces can be had at such prices! If you want to know more about these mystery boxes, please check out my full review here.

So naturally, since I've been wanting a pretty trench coat for ages, I jumped on this Ellison trench I'd been seeing in reveals. I'm not gonna lie, I was thinking, "It must be bad, this gal doesn't want it. Right?" But this lovely human being did say she didn't think the color was right for her skin tone, which I can totally relate to. I was thinking I might not be able to pull it off for that reason either. But I got to thinking, if I buy a dark trench and wear it over dark clothes, I'm going to look like I'm headed for a funeral every time I leave the house!

I think this blush/rose/magical color is going to go with EVERYTHING! And Ellison instantly became my new favorite brand.

I REALLY love fall. I am very, very ready for this heat to go away so I can wear that. And this.

My daughter and I took approximately 1 million pictures, but somehow managed to forget to take a picture of me wearing this. It's probably because it had already passed the hanger test.

About that, it's rather simple. It's how I decide if something I get in a subscription box or buy online is a keeper or a FSOT (For Sale or Trade). If I hang it up right away, chances are it's a keeper. Now you don't have to read about the capsule wardrobe or whatever. You're welcome.

Last, I simply adore this lovely thing, but it didn't fit me. Lucky #1 scored this beautiful Relish dress.

Aren't they pretty?

Did I mention I am able to score these gorgeous items for around $25??

Dresses should always have pockets. And people should always have someone to share clothes with.

And just like that, I totally forgot about my Jane grab bag fail, because obviously, overall, I won.


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  2. I actually just got a jane grab bag in the mail today, and it's fantastic! I'll definitely be doing it again.