Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vintage Modern Recipe Cards Inspired by Pyrex Patterns

Awhile back I created these vintage Pyrex inspired recipe cards in a few of my favorite patterns; Friendship, Snowflake and Pink Stems. I wasn't super excited about the way they were printing on my usual kraft paper, so there they sat in digital design limbo for awhile.

Maybe it was that spring cleaning sort of feeling I have had lately that got the ball rolling again. My husband picked up some brilliant linen cardstock for me and I am so happy with the results! The bright white paper really shows off the gorgeous colors.

I love the texture of this linen cardstock. It makes for an extra thick set of recipe cards and gorgeous contrast. See for yourself on the blue snowflake pattern.

Recipes write out so nicely on them, too.

Pyrex always brings up happy memories for me. When I printed up the Friendship Pattern I thought of a good friend, and decided I just had to write out her famous sugar cookie recipe on it.

The last design I added to my Etsy shop is the Pink Stems Pattern. I've got to get myself one of those casserole dishes!

I can't decide which design I like best!

Next, I'm working on Butterfly Gold, my best friend's favorite pattern. I'm thinking after that I'll do Crazy Daisy. Dare I attempt my all time favorite, Butterprint?

You can find all of these lovelies in My Etsy Shop here:

Pick up a set for an upcoming bridal shower, Mother's Day or a friend's birthday. Don't forget to buy yourself something, too!

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