About Me

I'm a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and four adorable children. I follow Christ first and foremost. He has blessed me with many opportunities to provide for my family. Recently I was able to leave my job as a dietitian to focus on my family. I own a small business on Etsy and sell chloe + isabel jewelry. I created this blog as a place to build friendships within the Etsy community, but it has become so much more.

I love to write product reviews, seller features, host giveaways and post exclusive coupon codes from my favorite shops on Etsy. I'm picky about what I choose to promote so you'll only see the best of the best. If I really don't like something you'll probably hear about that, too.

I'm also addicted to fashion, specifically subscription boxes. Now that I'm a work from home mom, I have more time to play dress-up.

I would love it if you'd follow my blog, give me an opportunity to work with you to build up your business, or stop by to chat from time to time. Thank you for visiting, have a glorious day!


Contact me: moderntypography@aol.com