Saturday, July 9, 2011

Giveaway Sponsor #5: sheilalikestoknit

Meet Sheila from sheilalikestoknit. Sheila sent a sweet little acrylic and angora OOAK pig named Percival. 

Yes, it is one of a kind (don't be sad, you may win it), but Percival has an irresistible second cousin, Peter the Pachyderm that is readily available! 

Hand Knit Peter the Pachyderm - Needs a Good Home - Soft and Cuddly
Buy it here
I fell in love with Sheila's shop the moment I saw her unique reversible crocheted blankets:

Michael Miller - Reversible Hand Crocheted Crib Blanket - Lil' Cowgirl Great for Leo or Virgo Birthday
Buy it here
While her shop offers plenty to spoil your children with, Sheila also offers a variety of  lovely cowls and scarves for Mommy's, too. She even sells pattern, lucky you! (Did I mention I can't knit/crochet? I'll leave it up to you Sheila!)

One thing I've just loved about getting ready for this giveaway is talking to Sheila. Here's a little taste:

Q: When did you begin your craft?
A: I was taught to knit by my mother in my teens in the '70's and I quickly went from that to cross stitch and then needlepoint. Life goes on to a full time job, marriage, a child and then in early in 2004, I was forced to stay off my feet. I pick up the needles and started with knitting a scarf and then another, and then another! Next thing I know, I have 50 of them! Off to a local art gallery I go to peddle my wares! They loved and sold them all! Creative Design was born! Two upscale children's boutiques later, here I am! 

Q: What is your favorite item in your shop?
A: I love the original baby blankets in my shop! And they are the most popular item!

Q: Use 3 words to describe yourself/your style:
A: I am opinionated, passionate and I love clean classic styles!

Q: What is the best business decision you ever made? 
A: The best business decision I made was to make my shop a business and not a hobby! And re listing EVERYDAY!

Sheila I will miss chatting you up about this giveaway, I'm just going to have to beg you to do another I suppose! 

Don't forget about the 10% off discount coupon code all of our giveaway sponsors are having through Monday! Use MODERN 10 at checkout before it's too late!

Want to know more about Sheila and her wares? Check out her blog or Etsy shop. 

Thanks Sheila, you're the best!


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