Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giveaway Sponsor #6: rec1008

I think you're going to love what I saved for last.....dessert! One lucky winner will receive a dozen cookies with the design of their choice made by Rebecca from rec1008 AKA Canvas Cookie Co.

Which will you choose, the suspense is killing me! Will it be the bay onesies featured in our New Beginnings Giveaway photo?

Onesies (12)
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The best seller, Rebecca's favorite - the artist palette's?

Artist Palettes (12)
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Okay, seriously...these elephants are killing me:

Baby Elephants (12)
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Rebecca and I share a love for french macarons. Read on:

Q: When did you begin your craft?
A: I began decorating (sugar cookies specifically) fairly recently. I saw some online almost two years ago, and because I am an avid baker and amateur artist, I decided to try them. I have been obsessed ever since! :) I love the artistic aspect of decorating and I am continuing to learn and improve my skill set all the time. 

Q: Who inspires you?
A: My favorite shop on Etsy is sparkleskitchen, she specializes in making french macarons. Her macarons are absolutely beautiful (and delicious) and I've been inspired to take on the task of learning how to make these gorgeous little treats from browsing her shop often! 

Q: What is the best business decision you ever made? Worst?
A: I think the best business decision I've made so far is to get my own website, which has yet to launch, but will very soon! The worst business decision I've made has probably been underestimating the cost of shipping; I unfortunately had to raise my shipping costs very shortly after opening my shop.

Q: What advice do you have for new sellers?
A: My advice for new sellers on Etsy would be to take great pictures for their listings. I've heard so many people say that but I guess there's a reason for it; it's true! I know when I browse Etsy, I am instantly drawn to the listings with better photos every time.

Q: What are your future plans for your Etsy shop?
A: Future plans for my shop include more sweet items to choose from, the addition of several varieties of gourmet cookies, and possibly other bite-size treats and confections.

Click here to follow Rebecca's on Facebook. I'll be sure to post Canvas Cookie Co.'s website when it goes live!

I can't believe the giveaway is almost over! Don't forget about the 10% off coupon code going on through tomorrow, MODERN10.

Thanks Rebecca. Love the cookies, love the kindness, love you!


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