Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet the Artist: Jenny from Flanders Field Photography

I am a HUGE fan of great photography. This is why I've been dying to introduce you to Jenny from Flanders Field Photography! She was kind enough to donate this print for the Family Tree Giveaway

Trio - 8x10 Fine Art Nature Photograph - Three Pink Cherry Blossoms
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It is really spectacular, I know some luck winner is going to love it. I know because I've seen it up close, and also because I've been enjoy the print Jenny sent me: 

Hello Dolly Pink - 8x10 Fine Art Nature Photograph - Dahlia Closeup - IN STOCK
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I first fell for dahlias when a friend of mine brought in a huge, red dinner plate dahlia. Someday I'll grow them, but for now I'm enjoying the magic Jenny captured instead.

Blue - 8x10 Fine Art Nature Photograph - Glacier
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Jenny has a gift for capturing the beauty in both the surreal and everyday life.

Wonder - 5x7 Fine Art Photograph - Bubbles on Green
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A great photograph can take you back to a time and place. This one transports me to my Mom's backyard where we celebrated Mother's day a few years back. My children were captivated by bubbles floating through the air that beautiful Sunday afternoon.

A great print can also ignite a desire to do something, as this does me to take a "Sunday drive":

Fiesta - 8x10 Black and White Metallic Classic Car Photograph - IN STOCK
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The photographs in Flanders Field will make you see things from a new perspective (more on that, below):

Fizz - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph - Effervescence in Aqua - IN STOCK
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Something I really appreciate in an Etsy store is a variety of ways to enjoy the artwork. Flanders Field offers prints in various sizes as well as cards, pendants and coasters.

Let's get to know the mastermind behind the work:

Q: How did you get started with photography?
A: I took it up as a hobby when my boys were tiny (they are seven and six now). Photography was the thing I  did for me after taking care of other people all day. 

Q: Do you remember the first picture you took?
A: As an adult, the first photography I consider "artistic" was of some cherry blossoms. I took it while on a walk with my husband, parents and infant son on the University of Washington campus. I still have it on display in my office, where no one else can see it! The first picture I took that I'm not embarrassed to list is "Snow Orchard."

Q: Use 3 words to describe your photos/style.
A: Abstract, colorful, detailed

Q: What do you think makes your pictures/style unique?
A: One of my friends once described my photos as "geometric." I have an engineering background, and I think it comes into play when I'm setting up a shot. 

Q: How do you come up with the clever names of your photos?
A: The names for my photos usually pop into my head based on what the image reminds me of. It's harder with some photos than others, though, and I think I'm almost at the end of my vocabulary! Don't tell anyone, but I've actually recycled a couple of names. ;-)

Q: What picture(s) are you most proud of?
A: I'm most proud of the images that I think might make people see the world in a differemt way (or at least take a closer look, like this one.

Q: Who/what inspired you?
A: Some of my influences have been Art Wolfe, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Mother Nature. I'm also inspired by architectural details, but I rarely have time to pull out my camera when I'm in a city environment.

Q: What is the most popular item in your shop?
A: "Wonder" is probably most popular at the moment. Other bestsellers are "Sparklers", "Touch", and "Translucence." "Hello Dolly Pink" is popular as a note card

Q: Do you have any advice for new shop owners?
A: I think it's really important to explore Etsy. Click around on the Buy page and experiment with the search so you understand all the ways your items can be found. The Forums and the Storque (Etsy's Blog) are great resources!

Q: Just for fun, what is the last item you bought yourself on Etsy?
A: My last Etsy purchase was a beautiful bag from bayanhippo

Be sure to check out Flanders Field on Etsy and Facebook and show Jenny some love :)

Also, don't forget to take advantage of the exclusive coupon code Jenny is offering during the Family Tree Giveaway. Use the code MODERN10 at checkout to receive 10% off your entire purchase!

I feel like taking pictures! (Cut to scene where children are all demanding something from me...) Or, perhaps buying a few...

Thanks Jenny, best of luck with your shop! Hope to have you back again soon.


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