Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 33 Block Party Press

Saw this shop a little while back, Block Party Press.
Instantly fell in love. But you know how long distance relationships are, you just grow apart. 
Which is why I need something from their shop.
Keep the love alive!

Did I mention everything is 20% off over there?

20% OFF SALE use code "EARLYBIRD2011" Queen For A Day  Magnet Set
Buy it here

They have a TON of beautiful magnets.
I don't know which I want more, a magnet set, or one of these tree carved necklaces or bracelets.
I mean, both would be nice :)

20% OFF SALE use code "EARLYBIRD2011" Personalized Woodgrain Red Heart Necklace  - Wood You Love Me
Buy it here
These rings are genius.
A cloud for all sorts of days, whether it the actual whether or your mood!

20% OFF SALE use code "EARLYBIRD2011" Mood Ring
Buy it here

I think these bookmarks would make an excellent gift, don't you?

20% OFF SALE use code "EARLYBIRD2011" Gratitude Bookmark
Buy it here
Good things definitely come in small packages,
nice work Block Party Press!

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