Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here's to 10 Crazy Years Together

When I sat down to write this post, I laughed a little because I'd recently read part of a blog post about the pressure Pinterest puts on moms. I mean, occasionally I have some ideas of my own, but 9 times out of 10 if I made something awesome I either saw it on Pinterest or Etsy. And I can almost gaurantee that if I'd never come across Pinterest I'd have never agreed to throwing a craft party for my daugher.

Well, Pinterest does exist and I am slightly addicted. So, we had a craft party, of sorts. I thought I'd share a few pictures of the stuff my daughter and I managed to put together. 

Confetti Cupcakes
An old favorite of mine. Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever make cupcakes from scratch, nor do I feel the need to. This mix is really good and super quick and easy. I've used it many times over the years. It looks good with light colored cupcake liners. And most importantly it smells and tastes amazing.

Mason Jar Cups 
with Cupcake Liners & Paper Straws
This was a pinterest inspired idea. I bought the liners and straws from sweetestelle
I used the liners for the cupcakes, drink cups, and jewelry crafts.

It's pretty easy to make these happen. You do need a drill to put holes in the lids, but that's what husbands are for. I guess you could call this a man craft, ha!

Photo Props
This was a good party starter. I used a combination of my own designs and a few from the web.
I really liked the ones from Oh Happy Day, tons to pick from.

All you need for these is white cardstock, a printer, scissors, a craft knife, tape and wooden sticks. These aren't meant to last forever. If you want the fancy kind, Oh Happy Day has a tutorial.

Marshmallow Shooters
I picked this up from Pinterest, of course. Super easy, quick and cheap.
All you need is plastic cups, regular balloons, scissors and mini marshmallows.
I thought about making a target for them to shoot at, but they preferred to shoot each other.

Good Old Fashioned Otter Pops
This was not a planned snack, but the marshmallow shooting was pretty intense!
I'd say the colors went pretty well with the theme.

A Cup Game Learned at School
Don't ask me how it goes. I never could do these things, even when I was 10.
You may want to buy yourself some earplugs if you plan to do this one.

 The Birthday Girls Favorite Food: 
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. We also had 7 layer dip my sister made and pepperoni pizza. I'd list all of the stuff we ate, but I might lose my RD credential ;)

Jewelry Crafts

#1 Hand Stamped Flower Charms with a small jewel on a ball chain. 

This turned out to be too hard for the girls so my sister and I finished them. Even though they didn't make them themselves, the girls all loved them. It's like having 8 best friends necklaces :)

This craft was my idea. I bought the flower charms from FabulousRocks on Etsy. I had a stamp set I'd bought awhile back from Michaels. I bought 2 small sets of jewelry pliers, headpins and the little crystals from Michaels as well. The ball necklaces came in packages of 7 from Joann.

#2 Upcycled Computer Cord Bracelets

My daughter and I tried these out the night before and had a lot of fun. However, cut to party mode and very few children had the patience to follow through. A few of the tried braiding, but as small as these look, the thickness makes it nearly impossile to braid.

I picked up this idea from the Etsy Blog. I'm sure my daughter and I will be trying more of this on our own. I love the colors, and I think a stack of them would look really cute together.

Modern Mixed Tape
The birthday girl picked out her 10 favorite songs and we burned CDs for each of the girls.
I thought it would be a useful gift, and of course we listened to it at the party.
The girls even did a little karaoke to it.

All in all I'd say the party was a success. Now if I could just have an extra day to sleep...

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  1. Fun party, made me wish I was 10 again. We never went to parties like this! :)
    -Aunt Jen