Friday, February 20, 2015

Lands End Review & Coupon February 2015

 Online shopping can be really hit or miss. I've ordered probably 2 dozen items from Amazon and kept 5 or 6. It's tedious, finding what I'm looking for and determining the fit, all the while wondering about the quality. 

I really wanted a new skirt to wear with a few tops I'd picked up from Golden Tote, Stitch Fix and Marshalls. And more dresses, because I need to dress up more.

Light bulb, Lands End has great staples! And if you go for the sale section, you can really get some good deals.

PLUS, they always have a coupon, and free shipping for orders over $50. I was able to pick up 5 items for around $100, and 4 out of 5 fit! That NEVER happens to me elsewhere.

If you decide to check it out be sure to use this link to get $25 off your purchase of $75 or more.

Here's what I picked up.

Women's Ponté Boatneck Flock Dress $40

I normally wear a 6 or an 8 in dresses, more on the 8 side since baby number 4. I ordered an 8 in the flocked dress and it fits perfectly. I always read the customer reviews before buying, to be sure items are true to size. I think it has a very flattering silhouette.

Women's Ponté Pencil Skirt $25 (Shown with Golden Tote Blouse)

I also ordered the pencil skirt in an 8. Both the dress and the skirt have a little stretch. Ponte is by far one of my favorite materials. I love the higher waist on this skirt, great for a pear shape.

Women's Knit Matte Jersey Skirt $20 (Shown with Golden Tote Blouse)

I ordered a small in the jersey skirt after reading the customer reviews. The waistband is a little tight but I think it'll stretch a little. This has a more casual feel than the pencil skirt. It also fit higher, on my natural waist. I think the shape is also flattering for my pear shape. I am having a hard time finding tops that work with it. Guess I'll have to order more tops! Tragic, really ;)

Lands End Women's Knit Matte Jersey Skirt $20 (Shown with Stitch Fix Sweater & Loft Blouse)

I think the skirt will work well with a variety of open cardigans, such as my Ezra Isaac from Stitch Fix. I would totally order this in navy too if they had it in my size. Darn it!

Women's Fit 2 Slim Leg Ponté Pants $35

I've tried on a lot of skinny pants without much luck. These Lands End pants are thicker and have a slightly more straight fit than leggings, making them more flattering on my thighs. It's really hard to get a good picture of pants, but I really like them and felt really comfortable in them. I ordered a small and they fit perfectly. I don't think I look anything like the model in them, and I'm okay with that. I'm not a stick figure!

Golden Tote Blouse & Loft Colored Bootleg Cords
In case you were wondering if I ever wear anything colorful, I threw this picture in. When I pulled these pants out of the closet I thought, "Oh yeah, this is what we wore before skinny jeans!" My daughter says they look like clown pants. I try not to argue with my photographer, since she works for free. Besides, these comments get more smiles out of me.

Lands End also has a great refer-a-friend program. Earn $20 for every friend you sign up!
Here's my referral link:

Happy Shopping!

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