Friday, April 24, 2015

Golden Tote Review Small Tote April 2015

With the launch of the new Golden Tote website, I decided to forgo a March tote.
Things were a little crazy.

But as soon as I saw Golden Tote's Tumblr page with April spoilers, I knew I couldn't resist!

For those of you new to Golden Tote, they have 2 tote options.
You can buy a small tote for $49 and choose 1 item and receive 1 surprise item.
Or, you can buy the large for $149, choose 2 items and receive 4 surprises.
Surprises are based on your style profile, similar to Stitch Fix.

Both of the items I really wanted were in the large tote, but due to a change in the budget I opted for a small tote with a few add-ons. This is a definite bonus to buying through Golden Tote. All of the chosen items are available in the boutique. If you add them to a tote, you get a discount!

I picked out the loose & lovely tank in mauve for my chosen item.

Unfortunately, in the hype of tote day (the day new totes are released)
I made a bad judgment call and ordered my size up in this style. Loose & lovely became
loose and frumpy. Drats! This is truly lovely in real life.

I think they did a pretty good job picking out my surprise this month.
Make sure you get an extra good look at this picture, I wouldn't want you to miss anything...

This top is from very J, a new brand for me.
It's made of a gauzy material and is very light weight and summery.
I don't mind it's sheerness, I wear a camisole under everything anyway.

My first add-on was the "Leaf it to Me" dress.
I'm a fan of green and black, and thought this might be a way for me to do something trendy without going straight for a bright floral print.

I also picked up the double braided belt, as recommended by Golden Tote for this dress.
You can see it here on the style cards.

Here's a close up. It has a snap closure and elastic for stretch.

If you are looking for a gift for Mother's Day, the accessories are very reasonably priced
and arrive in these cute little boxes with the Golden Tote emblem.

More on the dress. It has an elastic waist, and a really interesting front panel with sheer sides.
The best way I can describe it is like an apron over a sheer sleeveless top.

The boutique price for the dress is $50, but as an add-on to the tote it is $35, 
and $8 for the belt.

And the best part, the reusable Golden Tote bag!
Love the wildflowers for April. Every month has a new design.

If you are considering Golden Tote, here are a few FAQs.
Items ship UPS or USPS, $9.95 flat rate. Purchases over $149 ship free.
International shipping is now available over the phone.

If your items don't fit, return them for a full refund, you pay return shipping only.
However, Golden Tote has a very unique alternative to clothes that don't work out.
They run their very own Facebook trading group!
I've scored all kinds of good deals, and met a ton of nice people there.

If you'd like to try Golden Tote, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd use my referral:

Don't forget to refer your friends as well.
For every friend who orders a tote through your link, you'll receive a $10 store credit!

I'd love to hear about your Golden Tote adventures,
and I can't wait to share May spoilers with you very soon!

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