Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dailylook Elite Box Review #3: Free Trial Offer

I just received my 3rd and final box from Dailylook Elite.
Click to read about my 1st and 2nd boxes.

Even though I didn't keep anything from my first 2 shipments,
I decided to go ahead with the 3rd box, given the styling fee was waived for the 3 month free trial offer. I had nothing to lose (except maybe all the time I spent taking pictures & blogging about it).

If you're new to the idea, basically Dailylook Elite is an styling service similar to Stitch Fix or Golden Tote. I plan to put together a graphic soon comparing and contrasting these various services.

For now, here are a few differences. In my humble opinion, Dailylook is a bit edgier than it's competitors, appealing to a younger audience, and likely professionals with more leeway as to what they can wear in the office. They do carry a ton of feminine, boho and classic pieces, but often with a bit more bare skin.

You have the opportunity as a Dailylook Elite box subscriber to shop the site
with free shipping both ways.

Last, you have the opportunity to add items from their collections to your online "closet"
and request specific items in your box.

Here's what came in this May's box.

Before I even took the clothes out of the bags, I was already a thousand times more excited about this box than the 1st and 2nd. Patterns, colors, and a purse!

I wasn't truly caught of guard, because 1, I'd already peeked online
(just click the link from the email about the box leaving the warehouse) 
and 2, most of the items were from my "closet", items I'd picked out.

I'm sort of okay with having complete control over what they send. But then it doesn't feel like a styling service. Still, I liked the clothes MUCH more this way.

First thing I tried on was the Pleated A-Line Midi Dress.
As you may recall if you follow, I got this dress last month in a small and it was so
tight I had a hard time getting out of it. It appears Dailylook is not a fan of functional zippers.

This month my stylist decided to send me the medium.

I like the dress, and my daughter said it looked good.
But I think I'm uncomfortable having so much exposed skin in the neckline and arms.
I know I could wear a cardigan with it, but it's just a plain old black dress.
For $65 I think I could do better.

Next I tried on Zippered Woven Shift Dress in Royal Blue.

I toiled over this dress all weekend before deciding to send it back.
Unfortunately, it was too short to wear without tights (my shapewear was showing)
and it's too hot here to wear tights and boots now.

I really, really wanted to need it, because it was only $30.
But it was like 90 degrees when I tried it on, and it's pretty thick.

Thinner wouldn't have necessarily been the answer, as proven by the next dress.
I think the name says it all, "Brick House Bodycon Dress" in ivory.

To the lady who felt inclined to write a rude comment on my last Dailylook review,
I'm giving you another opportunity here.
And I'd deserve it, because I actually added this atrocity to my "closet."

Cute pattern though.

(Sigh) The next item I dreadfully regret to share having sent back
is the Fenner Top from Jack by BB Dakota.

Why, Dailylook, why? Why must I love this shirt so much but have no use for it?
The only thing I could get it to work with was this pencil skirt.


It's so long, ughh. I wish it were shorter so it would work with jeans.
But it just wouldn't, and I don't have $65 to spend on stuff I can't wear everyday.
I REALLY loved the color, and I REALLY loved the fabric.
I already regret sending it back.

It was downhill from there.

Just no.

This wrinkled mess is called the Faux Wrap Woven Blouse in sky blue.
And no, I didn't put it in my closet.
It is budget friendly, just $30.

Pears, beware. This style doesn't work. It just adds to the hips.
My stylist probably sent it because I did add this to my closet.
I wanted to give another Naked Zebra blouse a try, as I liked the one from my last box.

It seems broader in the shoulders, and between that and the wrap,
I thought it might create more of an hourglass shape. But it was just all wrong for me.

Part of the problem is that the sizing is a little off.
Both the blue and the black were mediums and felt too large.
I have "size up if unsure" in my notes, but I feel like my stylist
really isn't considering the style at all. She sent a small in the
Fenner top which is more fitted, and a medium in these looser styles.
I have a feeling it just has to do with what's in stock.
But if you want to sell me clothes they have to fit.

I did like that it was a sheer, lightweight material because I always wear a camisole,
and that way I could stay cool on hot days.
I'd say if it were a small I might have kept it,
but again I don't find it pear flattering. And for $50, it's got to be right on.

This one would have been nice for the same reason, lightweight and great with a camisole.
But she sent a medium, again. And the color just washed me out.

I would have thrown on some jeans with it to try as an alternate look,
but the natives were getting restless.

By the way, the skirt is one of my all time favorites from Loft, years ago.

I tried to keep things civil by including some "friends" in the photoshoot.

Here's a close up of the material.

I didn't take many Tres chic photos of the bag because I didn't want to fully unwrap it
because I had no intention of keeping it.

It was in my closet, and I loved the size (not to big, not to small)
but vegan = stinky.
For reference, it was $70. Not bad, but not that good when I consider
that I've seen this brand at Marshall's for half of that.

I think if I'd received this box a year ago, when I was dressing up 3 days a week
for work and surrounded by my super fashionable Dietitian friends, I might have kept half of it.
In fact, Dailylook did offer me a coupon this time around.

But I don't want to be that weird Mom standing by the school bus who's always ridiculously overdressed to pick up her kid from Kindergarten, or the frumpy Mom who settled on clothes that hid her tummy.

But maybe you see a gem here, need more clothes for work, or want to try Dailylook's edgier items.
In that case, I do have a referral link, should you decide to give it a go.

Keep in mind, you don't have to subscribe to Dailylook Elite Box to buy the clothes.
But as a subscribers, they will ship for free, with free returns.

Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment below.
I really appreciate your feedback, both here and in our Facebook groups.

Help me decide if I should try it again, without the free trial,
or put Dailylook Elite on hold.

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  1. Someone actually left you a rude comment? I'm sorry that happened.

    Moving on...I think the the plaid blouse looks great, and I'm sorry you couldn't make it work in your wardrobe, but I understand the adult reasoning that went into its return. (Darn it.) And the black dress does look nice, but I, too, would be uncomfortable with that much exposed arm and shoulder--although it looks good on you. :) Thanks for sharing your experience with us, commentary, photos, and all.