Monday, May 11, 2015

Front Door Fashion Review Spring 2015

You're either going to be really mad at me or my new best friend
when you hear about this new online shopping experience I found for women's clothing.

Front Door Fashion is a highly personalized styling service for women
looking for a complete wardrobe makeover. Take a seat.
Front door fashion sends you 3-6 ENTIRE outfits!

Yes, you read right. Not 5 items, not 1 outfit.
They send you everything from pants and tops to jewelry and shapewear for a head to toe new look.

Front Door Fashion isn't a clothing subscription box, no algorithms, no guessing games.
After you complete a profile and order, a professional stylists contacts you to start things off right.

For transparency's sake, I knew I couldn't afford the clothing
(the price ranges are clearly defined within the style profile)
but Front Door Fashion encouraged me to try it and share it with my readers!
I know many of you are looking for more than an occasional shirt or necklace.
If you are ready to take it to the next level with 3-4 new outfits to bulk up your wardrobe,
I think I've found just the thing for you.

Now, on to the goods!

The clothes arrived in a suitcase size box via UPS. Each outfit was carefully hung with cute little tags describing it. The first outfit out of the garment bag was me to a T, "Casually Sophisticated."
At least that's what I'm going for.

I thought'd I'd throw in a little before and after so you can see what my current dilemma is.
So often I end up throwing on a black top and a comfy cardigan over a pair of ill fitting jeans.

I think this outfit is a drastic improvement!

I was really impressed with the quality and price of these baby boot jeans from Articles of Society.
Knowing the prices were higher, I had higher expectations. I anticipated quality fabrics and unique styles. The Maylin pleated button down top was all of those things. It had these super fun looped buttons, off-centered, giving it a sort of a kimono feel. Wish it fit. Sigh.

This outfit came with an alternate top as well.
Love the lace, but not sold on the color. What do you think?
For reference, it's the BB Dakota Samie top.

Love that they sent camisoles, red and nude. I imagine a lot of ladies out there
haven't tried much shapewear. A good camisole can make or break an outfit for me.

If trying Stitch Fix has taught me anything, it's not to make up your mind about something until you've tried it on. When I saw this hot pink tshirt dress with a drawstring waist from Splendid,
I was certain I would hate it. But it was so soft and comfortable!

I have military style jackets all over my Pinterest boards, and the olive green in this
Velvet Heart jacket is a nice contrast to the bright color in the dress.
Unfortunately it was too big for me. LOVE the material, perfect layering piece.
I like that it wears more like an open shirt than a cinched parka you usually see.

This "perfectly pink" outfit came with a cute little prism pave necklace from BCBGMaxazria, too.

This next set was meant to "push you just a little bit out of your comfort zone," my stylist says.
I am not big on prints on pants. My stylist called this one, "The New Neutral."
I've noticed a lot patterns on pants these days, like the popular Margaret M Emer's from Stitch Fix.

These Nic + Zoe mixed dot easy pants have a small pattern
you can really only see if you look up close.

I guess she thought maybe since she already had me out of my comfort zone
she might as well camp out there :) Why not throw in a short skirt?

Funny, the pink dress was probably just as short, but this felt so much shorter.
I bet it would look amazing with cowboy boots on the right person.
I know when to hold them, know when to fold them. I'm still working on my poker face.

I do love the Courtney cap sleeve top from Velvet Heart that came with it,
but I can't see myself wearing white. I can give you plenty of examples
from today alone where I would have had to change my shirt.
Snow cone, mud, baby, pizza, berries, and the day isn't even over yet.

I had mentioned in my style profile (a place to let your stylist know more about yourself)
that I have quite a bit of jewelry, but nothing colorful.
It was fun to try this Agate and Druzy Stone Necklace, I like the colors and textures a lot.


I had to laugh when I saw the tag on this next get-up, "Wait, these aren't PJs?"
Seriously, I could sleep in these Splendid double cloth pants, and the Askari Laney top.
I don't think the colors are doing many any favors though.

I really appreciate my stylist's sentiment on the last set. "I'm DETERMINED to find you  maxi dresses that you'll love and wear." I've never seen anything like this Weston Mae maxi. I think it's meant to be worn bra commando, as it is fitted in the bodice and fully lined to the thigh. I thought the light blue "Drifting Cardy" from Nic + Zoe was an interesting match.

Unfortunately this didn't hide my problem areas, my current predicament with maxi's.
Black could be the answer, and this Splendid version feels like butter.
But I think it was a little big all over.

I couldn't get a great picture of the Zad ribbon beaded bib necklace,
but I did get a good pic of #2.

All and all I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.
My stylist sent me a list of thought provoking questions shortly after I signed up.
She really made me think about what I was hoping to get out of this,
and how personalized this service would be.
Perhaps these questions will pique your curiosity,
and get you thinking, too.

What’s your typical day like?
Are there any specific items you would like to see in your box?
What is your closet missing right now?
Is there anything else you’d like your stylist to know about you that will help her
give you outfits that are PERFECT for you and your lifestyle?

All in all my box had 5 full outfits and a total of 17 items!
This kind of leeway puts Front Door Fashion in a unique position
to find exactly what you are looking for!

And if you are in need of a little help, Front Door Fashion
includes a lookbook full of styling ideas and a shoe guide with every box,
as well as the full contact information for your personal stylist.

Trying Front Door Fashion is absolutely free, including shipping both ways!
If you decided to try it, tell them "howdy" for me, and be sure to come back
and show me what you got! I should warn you, it might take you awhile!

Happy Styling!

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