Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giveaway Sponsor #3: sweetKM

I'm so excited to introduce you to my next New Beginnings Giveaway sponsor, Kristi from sweetKM!

When I received the magnificent heather gray ribbed pixie bonnet she sent, I couldn't help but grin about how adorable it looks in a size 3-6 months! If it weren't for some lucky winner, my baby would now be clothed in birdie baby booties AND this iddy biddy hat!

Ribbed Pixie Bonnet - Heather Gray
Buy it here
Kristi offers this playful hat in a variety of colors to suit your babies mood:
iddy Biddy Pixie Bonnet - Spring Green
Buy it here
If you're the type to make your own, she's even selling the pattern:
PATTERN iddy Biddy Pixie Bonnet
Buy it here
Let's have a look at what Kristi had to say about knitting :

Q: When did you begin your craft?
A: I started knitting just after college. My little sister wanted leg warmers for Christmas, I went to Benetton to buy some and totally balked at the price. I thought, "I could make those." The next day I bought myself some needles and stayed up all night knitting a very sad pair of bright pink leg warmers. 

Q:How has your shop changed since it began?
A: I have started offering my patterns for sale. It was a tough decision to let people know my secrets (the main secret is that knitting is easy), but it allows me to spend more time making new things. 

Q: What is the best business decision you ever made?
A: Its not much of a business decision, but I only sell things I love to make. Like many Etsy shop owners, I am a busy mom, I don't want to dread making an order. I knit for fun, its an added bonus that others want to buy the finished product. 

Q: What advice do you have for new sellers?
A: Listen to your customers, they often have great ideas. After receiving several custom orders for plain bonnets in neutral or little boy colors, I finally took the hint and made the Ribbed Bonnet.   

Q: If you were to buy yourself something on Etsy, what would it be?
A: I just bought myself a vintage charm necklace from Contrary. It was in my favorites for months, I finally decided I would be crushed if someone else bought it and now its mine!

To find out more about Kristi check out her blog.

Kristi has graciously agreed to offer 10% off a purchase from sweetKM for our readers during the giveaway. Use the coupon code MODERN10 during checkout.

Thanks Kristi for great advice and great products!


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