Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Memories

Every Thanksgiving my brother and his family come to visit which my oldest child looks forward to all year. I was lucky enough to get some great family pictures this time around.

I love having a dependable camera that takes great pictures despite my lack of talent. I love this picture because it is the picture after the picture. No one knew I'd set the camera to take multiple shots. I caught their natural expressions.

I thought about my Grandma as I set the picture up. My Mom always talks about this picture of her we took in almost the same spot when she visited us one year. She loved this picture, she loved visiting, and we loved having her.

I also thought about my Dad as I was driving to work Thanksgiving morning. Maybe it was because my husband and I had been talking about these coins we wanted to give all of the kids. My Dad was big on collecting things. When he passed away I found a little treasure chest full of half dollars.

I couldn't help but think of him again when I went paint-balling on Friday, too. This was the very first time I'd gone. I wonder what he'd think of that. He loved guns, collected those, too.

Seems like the first holiday in a long time where I really did things I wanted to do. I did crafts with my kids. I shopped. I ate at the Golden Corral. I went to bed early one night. I shot guns at my family :) Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

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