Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Where to buy Golden Tote Surprise Items February 2015

My absolute favorite thing about ordering a Golden Tote Mystery Tote was learning about the Golden Tote Trading Group on Facebook. From there I was invited to a few other "secret" groups where we could all air our dirty laundry, ie true feelings about Golden Tote.

I've scored some pretty amazing deals on clothes through these trading groups. I no longer feel the need to run and buy a Golden Tote full of surprises for the price of an arm and a leg. I just watch and wait for the items I want to come up on Facebook.

Another cool thing happened. People are sharing sites from around the web where you can buy GT surprise and out of stock items. The prices are sometimes higher, but at least you know what you are getting. No surprises here.

I may be a bit of an enabler. Oh well.

This is how I stumbled upon Ruche. I just scored this dress from a fellow GTTG member, but if you'd got to have it go to Ruche!

Here's another surprise I see flying around the GTTG

Turns out they also have a dress much anticipated in the March 2015 Golden Tote. Possibly not the cheapest, and you will also likely be able to buy it in the Golden Tote boutique, unlike the surprise items. But why wait when you can have it now!

One thing to keep in mind is that boutique items, when offered in the totes, often sell out, as this gingham dress did. I've heard great things about this one, and seen a lot of flattering pictures of it.

I also picked up this dress from GTTG, available in the GT boutique as the All Seasons dress, or on Ruche as All the Best Printed Dress

If you missed out on the Tis the Season dress on GT you can find it on Ruche as the For Good Measure Striped Dress

And here is the GT Dinner Date dress aka the Acadia Floral Dress decide. Spend $49/$149 (plus tax and shipping) for a Golden Tote for 2 chosen items and 1/4 surprises in hopes that you get your unicorn, or save your time, money & energy and buy them at Ruche

PS they have coupons, including 20% off for signing up. Tops & skirts are also 30% off now until 2/27 with coupon PERFECTPAIR30

Still have Golden Tote fever? You can also find GT brands on Zulily from time to time, such as Le Lis, Potters Pot, Flying Tomato, and Hourglass Lily. The generally do 3 day sales, so it's difficult to post comparisons, but I saw a Le Lis blouse I traded for on the GTTG going for $24.99 plus shipping. This months flying tomato cardigan just sold out, too. They can notify you when an item or brand returns. The prices are fantastic.

PS Ruche also has a jacket that is totally cute that I saw in a Stitch Fix review (Love the Kindercraze Blog!). Ruche calls it the Evette Woven jacket by Tulle.

Your turn! Where do you buy your Golden Tote surprises?


  1. Just found the giraffe dress in black!

  2. Another surprised item, just restocked on Ruche