Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Support my Handmade Business without Spending a Dime

Hey friends. Over the years, many of you have asked me about my handmade Etsy business. If we are "real life" friends and you respond with "oooo...I need tags for..." I just make them for you. We are friends, friends don't do favors for money!

But there is a way you can support my handmade business without spending a dime: social media.

Let's be more than "friends"

Most people are comfortable enough with Facebook to join, friend people, and stalk people.
But there is this hesitation about "liking" posts or commenting on them.
But those likes and comments are invaluable to us business types. 

When you give me a thumbs up, you increase the popularity of my posts.
Popularity means business. 

Here's what you can do:

#1 Click here to find my business page on Facebook.

Likes, comments and shares are much appreciated!

#2 If you aren't big on clicks on Facebook, give my Etsy page some love.

This is where I sell my handmade products.
Hearts are appreciated.

#3 Addicted to Pinterest? I need love there, too.

It's my second biggest source of internet traffic.

Better yet, repin something I sell, or leave a comment on a pin, such as this one.
Most of my products are pinned on this board:

#4 You can also sign up for emails when I write a new blog post.

 by using the links on the right side of this page --->>

Or Click here for my email newsletters from Mail Chimp (less frequent).

#6 Follow me on Instagram.

I'm relatively new at this and see very few hits from it, but I'm working on building relationships there. I'm liking it more and more as time goes on. I enjoying seeing what other Etsy sellers are working on, find great giveaways to enter, and like seeing pictures of friends.

You'll notice I repost my shop updates from Etsy there, pictures of the daily grind.

#6 If you are really hip, follow me on Twitter.

Warning, I haven't entirely figured it out yet. If I could I'd link up something for you to retweet!

Thank you for supporting my handmade business!
Be sure to leave a comment below with your business links so I may reciprocate.
Let's spread the love around!

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