Friday, April 3, 2015

Shopping with Polyvore

I'm a Polyvore newbie. I found it scouring Pinterest for Stitch Fix ideas.
Polyvore is a social shopping site where you can discover fashion trends,
experiment with style, and best of all, shop.

When you find something you love you'll be redirected to the website where it is available for sale. Unfortunately, the Stitch Fix merchandise posted on Polyvore doesn't link up to alternative places to buy Stitch Fix items. But, it does show similar items.

This is how I found this Anorak jacket from Tilly's.

I had pinned this other jacket and happened to know the brand name from talking to another Stitch Fixer on Facebook. So, I looked it up on Polyvore and found it for sale on online elsewhere.

For $159.00


Yeah, with 4 kids I'm not exactly rolling in dough.
So I looked around, found this for too much money, & this for too much money.

But then I clicked the "Shop Similar Items" button and found the Tilly's Anorak.

I've mentioned before how scary Facebook is, stalking me and telling me what to buy.
Well the jacket popped up, with a 20% off coupon + free shipping (below).

Why not, worth a try for $31.99, right?

What appealed to me was the removable hood, material (100% cotton), and interior drawstring for cinching the waist. I like it in real life, too. Especially the optional roll sleeve and muted hardware. And I absolutely love the color.

This is definitely juniors sizing; I normally wear a s/m in women's clothing and ordered a large.
The sleeve length is perfect, I just wish the jack itself were a tad longer.

While I'm deciding if this is a keeper, I'm still hoping Stitch Fix sends me something similar for comparison. Only 9 more days! By the way, I wish everything were as easy to return as it is with Stitch Fix, in a prepaid envelope in my own mailbox.
Fortunately, Tilly's is just 2 miles from my house.

Thought you might like to see the jacket without the hood and with the sleeves rolled down.

That's one of my little's, still on the fence about him, too ;)

Tell me, have you had any luck with shopping Polyvore? Do you think I should keep this?
Have you found any great military, utility or cargo type jackets I should try?

Just in case you "need" this jacket, here's the coupon code for Tilly's.
Hope it works for you if you decide to try it! Let me know if you do.

Happy Shopping!

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