Thursday, August 27, 2015

Golden Tote Wish List, Warehouse Sale & Gift with Purchase

Have you heard about the new Golden Tote Wish List? By popular demand, Golden Tote has decided to offer past surprises in their online shop, without the purchase of a mystery tote!

If you are new to Golden Tote, you can check out my past reviews here.

In short, Golden Tote releases new tote (mystery bag) options once a month in 3 sizes:

Small tote $49 - Pick 1 item, receive an additional surprise
Large tote $149 - Pick 2 items, receive 4 additional surprise
Surprise tote $99 - Skip the chosen items and receive 4 surprises

But now, rather than risk getting surprises you don't care for or that don't fit, you can shop the boutique and pick your own surprises for just $35 a piece.

For the month of August, nothing really stood out to me to add to a tote, so I decided to forgo tote day and take advance of the huge sale they were having the weekend before (Warehouse Sale, first of it's kind) and get a few things at 40% off! They were also offering a free gift with $75 purchase, as well as surprise grab bags at ridiculous prices. To bad I'm officially never getting a grab bag again :)

This first item is the whole reason I decided to participate in this sale. It's the Collective Concepts Short Sleeved Webbed Tunic from the July tote. It wasn't a true wish list item (tote surprise) because it was an actual chosen item, but the coupon worked on it for some reason. On sale it was $36.

I love this top, and received a ton of compliments when I wore it Sunday with my Loft white curvy straight jeans.

This configuration was a little too hot for 100 degrees.

Unfortunately, the second item that had me excited about the sale was not available when they went to pack up my box (more on that later). Instead, they credited back the amount I'd paid for it and sent me a few extras to make up for it. The first was this top, which unfortunately isn't my style.

I have no idea how to style something that's see through on the bottom like that. It's not quite long enough to be a tunic, and it has a boxy fit. Just for giggles I threw it on with the free glasses they sent me (gift with purchase) and the clutch I bought, too.

I sold the top, and bought another surprise for myself. This is one of the benefits of buying clothes from a company that has such a large Facebook trading group. And you have to admit, the customer service here is pretty amazing, so I really can't complain.

Here is a close-up of the clutch ($14.40) I'd been eyeballing since it's release early this summer.

The clasp for the chain is broken, but I wouldn't use it anyway. I don't care for bright gold, and it snags the tweed. This clutch is exactly how my husband described it: complicated. But I'm a sucker for green, and tweed. And I've been wanting a fun, random clutch to take on date nights.

Customer service also threw in a free Golden Tote bag, isn't that nice?

I also took a risk and bought a few pairs of shoes, even though the last pair I bought from Golden Tote didn't work out. These are a fairly common brand and I felt the 10s had a good chance of fitting. For $12 each I thought it was worth a try.

The butterfly shoes fit just right, but the slingbacks are too loose (I normally wear a 9 1/2). I'll probably donate them to my church clothes closet or save them for my daughter, who never seems to stop growing.

Speaking of which, she's taken an interest in photography while helping take pictures for my blog. I love to look through the pictures she's taken between outfits.

So, overall I was happy with the Collective Concepts top, butterfly shoes and clutch, especially for the price. Still, I was a bit disappointed that my second "unicorn" had disappeared. But magically it showed up in my mailbox.

I put up a post about losing this gorgeous shirt to the universe in one of my facebook groups, and a friend had gotten it in 2 sizes and didn't need the small. So, I got this gorgeous green blouse after all!

I'll be sure to show a picture of it on in a future post. But I just had to share this hanger pic, complete with tiny personalized drawing by one of the kiddos.

If you'd like to try Golden Tote, I receive a very small commission for referrals. But as you can see, a little goes a long way! You can use my referral link here:

Be sure to let me know what you buy! It just might be my next unicorn. If you'd like to keep up with coupon codes and other sales, be sure to follow me on facebook!

Happy shopping!

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