Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stitch Fix Does Casual Chic for the Work from Home Mom

Oh that I had written this post yesterday when I was bursting with creativity! If only I could find the perfect formula to achieve that everyday. Perhaps I was inspired by my rockin' 15th Stitch Fix box? I spent the day filling Etsy orders, networking with fellow shop owners, and brainstorming ideas for my Etsy shop. I've almost finished a blog post about all the changes I've seen in Etsy recently.

With all the time I'm spending building my small business, and raising a family, I just don't have time to shop. I actually tried going a few times this last week, and was just too pressed for time and couldn't find what I was looking for. I've really come to rely on my Stitch Fix shipments to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.

This time around, I was looking for casual chic layers for this colder than usual SoCal winter. Seriously, you'd laugh at me if you saw how warm it was yesterday when I picked up #2 from school. Regardless, I'm always cold. Here's what showed up in my first Fix of 2016!

Doesn't it look cozy? 

First up, the Mystree Almada Faux Shearling Vest in tan and white, $78

I thought maybe this time around I'd share the fabric content of the pieces. I was surprised to find this was a polyester spandex blend! It is super soft and delicious, in case you were wondering. My love for this piece affirms my definite love for boho styles.

I tried it on with nearly everything in sight. First, with a sweater I happened to be wearing that I'd just picked up from Marshall's (my only shopping find in nearly 6 hours of shopping).

Sorry for the weird lighting, I was using my mom as a tripod :)

I love the brown on black and white stripe combination, don't you? Mixed neutrals are really big this season. It's funny, when I bought this sweater I kept thinking it needed something. I tried it on with every scarf I owned the day before my Fix came, and nothing was really working. I can't wait to wear this to church next Sunday!

Here's a close up with better lighting.

Here's a picture of the back.

My mom wasn't a fan of the back, but I don't care. I wear clothes for me, and from the front I love this piece.

I thought the vest looked great with solids, too. Here it is over the next item from my Fix, the Papermoon Alecka Lace Sleeve Knit Top, $54

This one is a polyester spandex blend as well. I have a love hate relationship with this type of material. It's super soft, stretchy and comfortable. Unfortunately, it emphasizes every lump and bump.

Photo credit: #1. Thanks for making me look better than I really do kid.

I desperately wanted it to work because it looks so cute with my Kut from the Kloth Maribel Straight Leg Jeans. I don't know why, but I often have trouble finding something to wear with them. I received them in my 13th Fix, so I really haven't had long to experiment. Regardless, I wasn't about to send them back. They are SO comfortable and smooth as butter.

Back to the shirt, I love the romantic meets boho detail. It was the perfect length to cover my rear, too. Bye bye, beautiful top, I will miss you.

This is another one I was hoping would work with my Maribels, the Loveappella Cholame Split Back Knit Top in burgundy, $54.

This one is made from a rayon, polyester, spandex blend. It's a heavier weight, but very breathable. Isn't the split back detail fun?


Well, sadly I would've needed a size up in this one. It was tight and a tad bit short in the front. I wasn't sure enough it was going to work for me in a medium to request an exchange, so I sent it back. I really loved it though. Great color and style, and machine washable!

The next piece coordinated well with the Loveappella Cholame Top. This is the Skies are Blue Lowry Open Cardigan in black and white, $58. 


I also have to give photo credit to #1 for these, too. Because, the sarcastic faces. But also because you caught good hair shots. 

I loved a lot of things about this cardigan. It's 100% cotton, has a gorgeous open weave, and I love the length and fit. I just realized it was too similar to the cardigan from my very first Fix.

Here's a close up of the detail. Ughh..I can't believe I had to send this one back. But I just did a closet purge and am really trying to restrain from buying every single thing I like to make room for future loves. I know it's going to make someone very happy. Maybe you?

The last piece was the Papermoon Fausta Elbow Patch Raglan Knit Top in navy, $54.

The material, a polyester, spandex, rayon blend, reminded me of the space dye slub knit on the Market & Spruce Sawyer dolman my mom received and the Corinna dolman I had in my box last April.

Unfortunately, that material is just too scratchy for my dish pan hands and it wasn't quite long enough even in my size up. Boo, I actually really liked the elbow patch detail.

So, I ended up just keeping the vest, which I am happy about! Not only did I find a new favorite, I now have an excuse to order another box.

If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, I'd love it if you used one of my affiliate links:

It's super easy to sign up, and there are no long term commitments! You simply fill out a short questionnaire, select the date you'd like to receive a box, and pay a $20 styling fee. If you decide to keep any of the items, the $20 fee is applied to the price. Send back what you don't like in a prepaid envelope from your very own mailbox.

You can read about my previous experiences here:

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You can also pin the pictures from this post here:

I'd love to hear what you thought about this Fix. Leave a comment below!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Stitch Fix certainly sounds like a great idea for people who don't have the time to do their own shopping - like super-busy working mums!
    Your box looks totaly wearable and I'm certainly a fan of comfortable, casual layers.

  2. I loved this box! I've already worn the vest several times, and I love how warm and comfy it is. Stitch Fix has really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I wouldn't have time for that otherwise!

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