Friday, November 25, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 30 Aedriel Originals

These pieces are amazing, I want a billion!
Aedriel Originals somehow magically figured out how to make something with so 
many of my favorite design elements: modern, customizable, functional & fun!

Like these great plates:

Custom Wall Display Includes Monogram Plate & Six Small Plates as Featured at HGTV
Buy it here
I also think these would make adorable keepsakes.

Custom Silhouette Plate- Small Plate Hand Painted
Buy it here
And these are beautiful: simple but powerful...

The Ellie Collection Small Plate
Buy it here
I desperately want to show you more, but my internet is SOOOOOOOOO slow...
I think my turtle, who is hibernating, could move faster :(

Perhaps I'll tag a few more pics on tomorrow!

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