Friday, May 29, 2015

Golden Tote Review and Giveaway May 2015

I think you'll find this May Golden Tote review is perfect timing
if you are considering a late May or June Golden Tote (going live June 8th!).
The Golden Tote Trading Group Facebook page is flooded with positive reviews,
because, who doesn't like a Puella swing dress at bargain prices?!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you've got to try Golden Tote!
Golden Tote is a wonderful little California based boutique with a few special features.
Every month they release a new tote full of women's clothing and accessories!

They have 2 tote options:

1. A large tote - Choose 2 items you love, they pick out 4 surprises for you for $149
2. A small tote - Choose 1 item and they send 1 surprise for $49

This time I went with the large tote. This option comes with free shipping, which for me turned out to be 1-day priority USPS! Because of this and the overall number of items in the tote, this is the most economical for me. I've also grown increasingly confident that I will be able to resell anything Golden Tote sends my way due to overwhelming demand in the GT Facebook trading group.

Let's start with my first chosen, my precious. The Puella Mixed Media Swing Dress in navy.

I'm going to call this the "party on the side" dress, hehe.
You know, I keep insisting I don't like boho, but then I go and buy things like this.
I guess my love hate relationship with gypsy clothes
plays perfectly into my favorite song of all time, Bohemian rhapsody.

By the way, when I started all this subscription box business, I really didn't know what to ask for.
When I googled "best dress for a pear shape" I think swing was a recommended style.
Now I just need a cute shoe with a heel to make my legs look thinner and longer,
like the ones on the style cards Golden Tote sent.

Here's a close up of the side panels. Can you tell the stripes are actually navy? This also came in a black and another shade of blue. I picked this one for the pattern, and because I'm a little obsessed with navy. Besides, I already have my black and white dress from Popbasic.

I'm wearing this dress right now! I couldn't very well show up as the mystery reader
in my son's Kindergarten class wearing jeans and a tshirt.
First time wearing it and I've already gotten compliments!
I look forward to seeing what Puella comes up with next.

My second chosen was the Colorful Plaid Buttondown in blue.

This is maybe the first time ever I've thought a buttondown shirt was flattering.
But holy wrinkles, Batman! I don't know if I can get over that!
I am loving the color combination though, blue with white jeans (from Loft).

I purposefully chose the blue over the white and mint because I thought it would look cute with my new white jeans. It also has the optional full length or 3/4 length sleeve. Don't you just love the thin bright stripes throughout it? Talk me into this folks! I was sure I NEEDED it :)

On to the surprises. 
For my style profile I chose casual, classic & feminine.
The other options were bohemian (ha!), edgy and trendy. To each her own.
I'm going to work up to my favorite surprise.

First up is this Tea & Rose Elastic Waist Maxi in pink.
The only real reason I don't like this dress is that it doesn't fit!'s my size double zero daughter in this "medium" dress.

Isn't she beautiful? Can you tell she's really not into this?
She's usually on the other side of the camera, doing a pretty good job, don't you think?

Love the detail on the back of the maxi.

On the last page of the style profile Golden Tote gives you a little section for special requests.
I had asked for conservative maxi's and this fit the bill.
Kind of wish I had left pink in the "don't send me" list because this also came in blue.
But seriously, I have too much blue!

Reminds me of the Gilli I got in my April Stitch Fix.

Next up is this Chris & Carol Polka Dot Tee in black.

I didn't know what to think when I saw it in the tote.
Have you ever had something made from a material that looks like
it's already been washed a million times?
I got a shirt like that on Amazon by Lucky and I never reach for it.

I'm wondering if this will just hang in my closet.
I also wonder if it looks maternity. I've had 4 kids and I'm over that dreaded question. 

But it's so soft and buttery. I've seen people on the trading group talk this way about something and then say they are keeping it as pajamas. I never really understood that until now. I think I just need more input on how to style it. Help! I have honestly never owned anything like it.

My 3rd surprise was this Le Sample Top with Floral Embroidery in grey and coral.

What is up with my face?! I couldn't resist sharing it. Anyway, I'm not surprised they sent grey,
my Golden Tote profile picture shows me in a grey dress. But it feels too pale for me.
Can I pull it off or do I look like a corpse?
I really do love the embroidery, it's so very lovely. 

I think I've just got to find the right camisole for it and learn to really own those jeans.
It's a big boxy, but I did say that I like loose shirts on my style profile.
I am trying to avoid tight, unforgiving materials and styles.
What do you think, should I keep it? It's light as a feather and easy as pie to throw on.

My last surprise is my absolute favorite!
If you are signed up to receive Golden Tote emails you may have seen this in yesterday's
"How we wear our surprise items" spoiler.
It's by Lumiere (a favorite), the Striped Midi Dress in navy!

(Don't you love this month's tote? That never gets old, love these!)

So, this dress is like a tent on me but I don't care!
I'm either going to attempt to alter it myself with my feeble sewing skills or ask my friend to help.
Because, I like it, and my daughter even says it pretty!

We agree it's probably more flattering with a belt, but I kinda like it unbelted.
I have no idea what I'm going to do about the strap situation but I'll figure it out somehow.
Chances are I'll be wearing a cardigan anyway.

Here's a pic of the spoilers, in case you missed it.

So, if you've ever bought a Puella dress at Anthropologie or even from the Golden Tote Boutique, you know those puppies alone cost a small fortune. Basically, for the price of 2 Puella's you get a total of 6 lovely items for $149 out the door! That's $25 a peice, folks, and I really like them apples.

I'll let you in on another little secret. You can add as many items to your tote as you want, for a fraction of the retail price. You can add a Puella swing to any tote purchase this month for just $40!

If you do decide to give it a try and sign up with my link, I earn a little credit
and you get some fabulous clothes!
And then YOU can refer your friends and earn credit, too!

Here's my referral link:

Be sure to come back and click it again on tote day, June 8th.
Better yet, follow me on facebook for reminders about the start of the sale!
I'll put up the June tote spoilers as soon as I get them!

Oh, silly me, I almost forgot.

This is a giveaway, too!

Golden Tote sent me a Jules Smith rose gold bangle
& I want to pass it on to one lovely reader!

Entry is easy, just leave me a quick comment at the bottom of this post,
along with your email or way to reach you if you win!

Please, I'm surrounded by munchkins over here folks. Entertain me :)
I will pick one lovely winner at 11:59pm on tote day, June 8th!

Can't wait to meet you and hear what you think about Golden Tote!
Best of luck, and stay golden!


  1. I really love all your surprised specially the blue and white striped dress. I cant believe how small the maxi runs but it should be a easy sale. I hope my navy puella has the side stripe in the center like yours, I have seen quite a few with it at the bottom and does not look as nice.

    1. It WAS easy to sell! And I picked up a maxi on the trading group for cheap that I absolutely love!

  2. Wow that dress is SO beautiful on your daughter - who is lovely by the way but yeah lol not your size sadly. I do love the polka dot top but it is sad that it seems off to you. Oh and that top - you can pull it off very well but maybe not with white pants? Try it with blue jeans maybe? Either way I do like that top. I would love to win the bracelet - love the color and have been looking for a bangle like that ever since I saw someone wearing one just like it on TV lol thanks for the great review.

    1. Thank you! I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on the polka dots, still thinking on it. I think you are right about the blue on me.

  3. The Tea and Rose Dress looks so freakin' cute on your daughter, now I want one! LOL

    1. The Tea & Rose is definitely a fan favorite in the trading group!

  4. Your daughter looks lovely in the pink maxi - I like you in the grey top but personally the button down washes you out or pull more colour out?

  5. I love Golden Tote!!! I wear my GT teaching, flying in the skies above Southern California and traveling the world!!! Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!!

    1. I would like to be wearing mine traveling the world, lucky!

  6. I would like to enter. poetryinleaves(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Cute stuff! Everytime I see these pictures I'm tempted to order. I like the wrinkly button down shirt - hang it in the bathroom during a steamy shower...that'll help if you don't want to iron. I really like the gray embroidered top too. Work it sister (and niece!), you look great! -JJ

    1. Well you definitely should. It's really fun. If you are on the fence, join the facebook group and see what you think about what the other surprises. I just bought a really cute maxi off of someone for a great price and it fits perfectly! I love the puella dresses, I hope they have another next month, or restock from this month so I can get another color! I wore the embroidered top on Sunday, and the white jeans, finally.

  8. Melanie that is a seriously awesome tote!

    1. Guess what, you won! You didn't leave an email so I hope you get this message! Email me your address @

  9. Love the bangle- do they send accessories too? Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. They sell accessories separately at really great prices. In addition to totes, you can add many items to your cart from the boutique!

  10. All of the outfits are really cute! Love the colors and designs
    - shaunie

  11. Love that dress on your daughter, but bummer it didn't fit you! Love the Puella dress too, I almost got a tote but that was the only thing I wanted!
    hellorigby @ :)

    1. Thank you! I wear it constantly. Maybe you can pick one up in the trading group?

  12. This is making me sad that I didn't get a May tote! I'm excited for my June tote to arrive!!

    1. Don't be gloomy, you just saved your money for June :)