Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Custom Tags

I'm lovin' all these custom orders.
Custom = Flattery

Just finished these for Leigh Ann's wedding:

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When we first got to talking she asked if I could do custom colors and I was like, "Of course!"
I freaked out a little because I just wasn't sure about the color combination she asked for 
but I came up with an idea. I asked for a picture of the fabric she was using
for her table decor and she sent me this photo:

Spice Aravali Ikat Curtain | World Market

Believe it or not seeing something on a computer screen and seeing it in real life is dramatically different.
So what I decided to do was send her a little color sample sheet via Etsy conversation and she was stoked! 
I had her print it out to see which matched up.

She decided to go with #4.
I sent over a few samples in the 2 sizes I have available, easy as pie.
Made a little adjustment to the yellow and she was super happy!

Made me realize these tags may be just what brides are looking for.
It's funny, because right after I'd gotten through with this I was showing a new friend at work
my Etsy shop and she saw my pink and blue tags and said she wished she'd known for her wedding.

Chevron Embellishment Die Cut Tags for Gifts, Scrapbooking, or Paper Crafts-  Set of 50
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I'd love to hear some opinions about other color combinations to try.
Help me out, you know you want to!

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