Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Gift List #2 Toys for Tots

I was playing with my kids tonight and remembered I still needed to put together a toy list.
Every single items listed in this post is in our home. No one sent us the items, no bias here.
These are the items my children truly love to play with. 

All are the perfect price for gift and can all be found online. No lines!
Happy Shopping :)

#1 Motor Works

The greatest thing about this toy is that every single member of my family enjoys it.
The baby and the boy love the "electric" drill and playing with the assembled toys.
My daughter loves figuring out how to build it.
My husband and I love that it's easy enough to figure out.

I got a ton of stuff from this company a few years back by hosting a party.
Turns out they make a ton of durable, age appropriate toys.
I love that they sell replacement parts, too.

Other great toys from them include the Measure Up Cups, Go Go Caterpillar and Playful Patterns.
I actually own quite a bit more, so let me know if you have a question.

#2 Playmobil (Knights & Ballista Set)

Playmobil makes the greatest imagination building playsets.
My kids love the movable parts and interchangeable pieces.
I know these toys will be around for generations to come.

Other sets they love include Pony Farm with Carry Case and the 1.2.3 Playground (for younger kids).

#3 Edushape Sensory Balls

This was a random find from a friend, said they got them at Costco one year.
They are soft enough for indoors, strong enough to last outside, and no one gets hurt.
If baby George was making this list, this item would be number one.

#4 Nerf Guns

These last forever, and all of the kids love them.
They have a "laser beam", pull back and extra dart storage.
My kids love to set up targets, or shoot at each other from behind forts.

We also love the N-Strike Reflex Dart Blasters.

#5 Encyclopedia Britannica Interactive Science Library

Encyclopaedia Britannica 3-Book Interactive Science Library: Earth, Space, Humans

I could have put this in the book gift list, but I see it as more of a toy.

Hope you find these ideas useful!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, because I love Amazon Prime. I never recommend anything unless I love it!

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