Friday, November 16, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: 25 Small Gift Ideas

This change in the weather was the last kick I needed to get moving on my holiday planning. I've listed the last of the Christmas items in my shop:
Set of 25 advent bags

With each set I'll be including this list of ideas for filling them. These are appropriate for children of all ages, 3 to 103 :) (Sorry baby George, no small parts for children under 3)

Since I'm a thrifty kind of gal, you'll find many items on this list can be handmade. I've included a link to tutorials for such. I've also taken into account the size and weight. These would also makes great stocking stuffers, too!

(In photo, top to bottom, left to right)

1. Tooth brushes 
Dollar Tree

2. Scissors
$1.39 at Target

3. Stickers 

4. Handmade mini notebooks
These were made from old book pages. Here's a link to a tutorial similar to my method. I finished the edges with washi tape.

5. Candy Cane Pens
49 cents at Michaels

6. Magic Washclothes
Dollar Tree

7. Modeling Clay
On sale at Michaels, $1.25 each

8. Handmade Jewelry and Accessories
I made these ladybug rings with scrapbooking brads, ring backs and E-6000.

9. Hand Tattoos
Dollar bins at Michaels

(Not Shown)

10. Mini Chalkboard & Chalk
Here's a tutorial for a mini chalkboard. You can use chalkboard vinyl if you don't want to paint.


11. Washi Tape
Michaels has a good assortment, always on sale.

12. Old coins or a$2 bill
Ask for these at the bank, they always have something in their register. I'm putting mine in handmade envelopes, follow the tutorial here.

13. Pinback buttons

14. Pipe cleaners
Here's a link to fun pipe cleaner crafts.

15. Finger puppets

16. Popper fireworks or sparklers
Usually Target sells these for New Years right before Christmas.

17. Popcorn Garland Kit
I'm using a bag of microwave popcorn and red & white baker's twine. For younger children use Froot Loops. This blog has some great examples, as well as other crafty Christmas ideas.

18. A Kazoo

19. Flashilght
Harbor Freight Gives these away.

20. Silly Putty
$1 at Michaels. They even have glow-in-the-dark now!

21. Crazy Straws
My kids never tire of finding new ways to drink the same thing.

22. A Sewing Kit & Fabric Scraps
I'm not going to lie, I wish I was getting these things. Need scraps? Buy these!

Confetti Scraps -- Happy and Colorful Fabric Bits

23. Magnet Strips
These will keep a crafty or curious kid occupied for hours.

24. Handmade Ornaments
I just bought some clear plastic ornaments, tiny pine trees and fake snow to make "snow globe" ornaments. I'm going to try the same thing with baby food jars. Photos to come!

25. Leather notebook necklace
Because I think the grand finally ought to be awesome. This is from fullmoonn, and the price is ridiculously cheap for what it is.

MiniatureBook Necklace Little Red Riding Hood

Hope you find this list helpful!
Don't forget to purchase your gift bags now
to get them in time for December 1st!

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