Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #4 April 2015

I'm so excited to share my 4th Stitch Fix Review with you!
I think you are going to be pretty thrilled as well when you see what they sent me, and by thrilled I mean jealous.

It's funny, because I'll see rants on the Facebook B/S/T group about how bloggers get special privileges when it comes to Stitch Fix. Well, maybe my stylist,Traci, wants to see her name in lights. I definitely feel spoiled, and you can be, too!

Here's a sneak peek at my fix. Can you guess what's in the box?

For those of you considering Stitch Fix, you've got to try it!
There's very little risk involved. It's free to sign up, check out the website & create your own style profile. When you're ready, schedule a fix. When your box is put together you're charged a $20 styling fee.

If you decide to keep any of the 5 gorgeous items they send, the $20 styling fee is deducted from the total. Also, shipping is free both ways. And you can earn Stitch Fix credit when you refer your friends! If you use my referral link, I receive a small commision, which allows me to continue reviewing Stitch Fix on my blog. 

Here the link:

Fortunately for me, my stylist always looks at my Pinterest Board
to see what I'm looking for, which is where she saw this.

That's right ladies, I got the ever coveted Brixon Ivy Pinson Drape Cardigan in light grey and pink.
It goes perfectly with the Skies are Blue Amil V-Neck Blouse from my last fix!

I have a longer draped cardigan like this I bought awhile ago. The problem with that one has been that it's always dragging across the table or hanging in my dishes. Also, my cardigan has a pattern, making it very hard to pair with things. The Stitch Fix Pinson is the perfect length, cut & color. I was just telling my mom that I was hesitant about this sweater at first, as I gravitate toward dark colors. But I have a ton of dark tops, and the lighter neutral is a great contrast over them.

That's the thing about Stitch Fix, they send you things you'd otherwise never have tried!
And now I have a new favorite sweater! This picture doesn't do it justice, but I know how you ladies love to pin, so here's one without me in it.

My stylist, Traci, is very attentive to my requests. I was looking for a pair of straight leg jeans with a dark wash, and she delivered. These are the Liverpool Collen in navy. They have a lot of stretch which is great for problem areas. The lightweight material is just right for spring and summer. Unfortunately, the rise hit me in the wrong place, but I hope to try another brand in my next fix!

Next up is the Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top in light green and grey.

While I hadn't pinned this exact dolman, I did pin a dolman style striped dress. I also mentioned that I was looking for tunic length tops and boatnecks.

I'm also thinking that the Corinna dolman was recommended because of the coloring, sort of that space dyed or heathered look I pin a lot. Here's a close up of the detail.

These Market & Spruce Dolmans are a hot commodity in my B/S/T group.
The length wasn't working for me, and like a dork I sold this before trying it with leggings as Traci recommended. But at least I made someone's day!

These were the leggings I was supposed to try it with, another requested article.
Stitch Fix calls them the Rune Porter Leggings.

Well I just chased a rabbit trying to figure out why they'd call them that. Back to the clothes.

Great length and material. I took a picture of the tag for those wondering.

Here's what the waistband looked like. No muffin top :)

I'd like to throw out there that these shouldn't be worn with a short top,
more as a layering piece under a tunic. Not see through, just not pants.
The only reason I didn't keep these was that I have a great pair of black leggings just like these.
I'm saving my money for next month's pretties!

Last but not least, I asked for a conservative maxi.

This little gem is called the Gilli Astra Sleeveless Maxi Dress.

When I pulled this out of the box, I was immediately in love with the color and wanted to swim in the fabric. I'm trying to decide on a color name. Stitch Fix calls it purple, but it's almost blue. Indigo? The camera couldn't really capture it, or my screen can't interpret it...It's an enigma.

I desperately wanted this to work. Unfortunately, after having 4 kids, it wasn't doing me any favors.
I might have revisited the idea, but I couldn't keep everything this time around so I sent the dress off to another lovely lady.

I definitely see dresses in my Stitch Fix future. And I really, really hope to see more of this color. I just hope this doesn't turn out to be "the one who got away," if you know what I mean.

I'm also thinking about requesting another necklace. Not getting one this time around I realized how much I enjoyed it. I wear the chevron pendant from my last fix 2 or 3 days a week!
Stitch Fix has phenomenal accessories, including scarves and handbags.

Here are the style cards they sent with a few recommended pairings.
A lot of the ladies who do Stitch Fix save and file these cards and pull them out for reference when they need styling ideas. You can also email customer service and they will send you a digital file of the cards. I wouldn't have thought to put most of these things together.

I know when I was considering Stitch Fix I was most concerned about the prices. Here's my invoice. In case you were wondering why I sell the pieces I don't want to keep instead of sending them back to Stitch Fix (which is absolutely free), it's because of the discount when you buy all 5 items, 25% off!

For reference, my price points are all set at the lowest possible.

Here are the links to my previous reviews.

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Last month when I scheduled this fix I decided to have Stitch Fix send me monthly boxes. Previously I was ordering them willy nilly. I was excited to receive an email immediately after checkout about my next scheduled fix! Now let's see if I can wait that long and not reschedule for an earlier date!

Thanks for reading, have a stylish day!


  1. I love the two tone drapey sweater. I also love the dress with the belt and leggings. I like that you talk about and show how things fit. JJ

  2. I have that cardigan and absolutely LOVE it. It has been a fabulous addition to my summer wardrobe. I love that blue dress on you.

  3. I got that dress in my first fix and I feel like it was the one that got away from me too! Lol! Oh, well! Bring on more fixes!