Monday, February 27, 2017

Bloggin Ain't Easy

Let's talk about blogging for just a minute, shall we? I know, you came here for the pretty things, and I promise there will be plenty of that.

But can I just stop for a minute and tell you how difficult it is to find the time to blog? Thanks for following, though the posts be far and few between.

The good news is, faithful followers, that I only blog when I have something really good to share, like the amazing new collection from Chloe + Isabel for Spring!

Pastel Wrap Bracelet

The colors, the shapes, the stones, the versatility. It's all the things I hoped for.

Sunset Vista Convertible Necklace

Every piece I put on is my new favorite piece.

Braided Bracelet

An unexpected favorite, Turkish Delight.

Turkish Delight

I might be just a little obsessed with styling my Chloe + Isabel pieces with my new Fossil Watch.

Fossil Watch

I can't wait to play with this one, headed for my mailbox now!
Multiple lengths = my cup of tea

Parisian Belle

I also had to have the new open ring, because adjustable means so many ways to style!

Sunset Vista Wrap Ring

View the entire collection here:

Are you interested in learning more about our brand and the opportunity?

Happy Monday!

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