Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's Give a Warm Welcome to EclecticWendyDesigns!

I love hand stamped silver jewelry, don't you? I can't wait to buy a new necklace with my newest baby's name on it :) Wendy from EclecticWendyDesigns has SO many cute styles to pick from! Here are a few of my favorites:

Under the Oak Tree Pendant - Custom Hand Stamped Sterling Silver by EWD
Buy it here

Mama Bird and Two Little Eggs  - EWD Sterling Silver
Buy it here

Mother's Keepsake Necklace - EWD Sterling Silver - Free DOMESTIC Shipping
Buy it here
Birth Announcement Necklace - EWD Hand Stamped Sterling Silver - Free USA Shipping
Buy it here

ElecticWendyDesigns has some of the best variety I've seen out there, with probably hundreds of ways to order a custom piece. Check out all these stamps!

Custom Design Sterling Silver Disk - EWD Extras and Add Ons - Free USA Shipping
Buy it here

Wendy was kind enough to answer some questions about herself and the shop:

Q: How has your shopped changed since it opened?
A: How hasn't it changed is the better question! The most drastic change is my overall shop appearance. I have streamlined and simplified photos, color schemes, my shop banner and avatar. My product line has also changed quite a lot over the years. I started EWD in 2003 and what it is today is dramatically different from what it was.

Q: What advice do you have for new sellers on Etsy?
A: Patience and perseverance! I think it is extremely important to have a great product that is in some way unique and to find a way to brand and market your shop and merchandise so that all someone has to do is look at a listing and know it is yours. It takes time and there is a lot of competition on Etsy but if you have great/unique items, people will want them. 

Best piece of newbie advice, pick a budget for the month and don't worry if it translates into sales. Even when my sales are low I list, relist, renew or add new items several times a day. It keeps my shop fresh in searches and keeps items rotating through my shop (rather than sitting on page 4 and never getting seen). For $1 a day I can list 5 items. That is 5 times a day my shop is more visible and a small price to pay on a monthly basis. 

Q: How do you come up with new ideas?
A: New ideas really come from any and everywhere which is why I always have my sketch book with me. It is filled with tons of sketches and ideas that I hope to someday find time to create. Lately, some of my best designs have been from customer requests or custom orders. I love to hear what people are looking for and why and I think the best part about my job is that I get to create pieces for people celebrating the milestones of life. 

Q: What is the best compliment your shop/you have received?
I once had a woman at an art show buy a necklace and say that it was going to go perfectly with a bracelet she had just bough at Tiffany's. It was a great compliment but also made me laugh a little!

Q: Just for fun, what is your favorite shop on Etsy?
A: Way too hard to pick just one! I use to throw pottery and work with glass so I love browsing and shopping from the artists on Etsy that are so much more talented that I ever was. Some of my favorites are KbOriginalsetc, baumanstoneware, kpglassjewelry1 and lorilochnerI also love the photography and watercolor from thewheatfield, soundslikerain, irenesuchocki, and watersongartworks. I could easily list dozens more...I love that there are so many talented people on Etsy and I love the variety there is!

Bargain alert! Wendy is offering an exclusive coupon code to EclecticWendyDesigns for our readers. To receive 15% off your purchase use the coupon code MODERNTYPE15 at checkout.

Thank you so much Wendy, that is just awesome! Best of luck with your shop, and we hope to have you back again soon :)


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  1. Those are some gorgeous pieces of jewellery.
    Thanks so much for listing me as one of your favourite shops! :)