Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome getyourcraftonshop!

Look at these amazing finds I came across on Etsy from Lynette over at getyourcraftonshop:

tiffanychix - CUSTOM LISTING
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That baby CAN'T be real, it's simply too cute! It's no surprise this is the best seller, that hat is just TOO cute! Did I mention I'm obsessed with baby hats? How about stripes, and dots, did I tell you I'm obsessed with those, too?!

The REESE baby beanie, in hot pink and lime green, multiple sizes available, great photography prop
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And rosette's...

Aqua and Lime Triple Rosette Headband
Buy it here

Lynette pretty much has all my favorites covered! I'm like a kid in a candy shop. AND she's fun to "talk" to :)

Q: How has your shopped changed since it opened? 

A: I actually had a shop with a friend first and we made all sorts of baby items. Like carseat blankets, tie onesies, hair things. My new shop I've tried to focus on mostly beanies and some hair things.

Q: How do you come up with new ideas?

A: I have ideas going through my head all the time. Sometimes I use those ideas, sometimes I use other people's ideas as inspiration. I really just try to come up with fun, trendy ideas that I like and hopefully others will like too!

Q: What is the best business decision you ever made?

A: To buy a few shirts on clearance at Target. I used those shirts to make the "MOM" hat that is so popular!

Q: Worst? 
A: Sometimes I wonder if the time it takes to run a shop is worth it :)

Lynette, it's totally worth it! You make something truly unique and special! 

Lynette kindly offered to provide an exclusive coupon code to my readers. Bargain alert! Use the coupon code moderntypography10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase. 

As my husband would say, awesome sauce! Thanks for stopping by Lynette, let's do this again sometime soon! 


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