Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 48 gingiber

Everyone needs a calendar.
I'm all about practical, which made adding this to my list even easier!

2012 Calendar Little Foxes
Buy it here

My family will be shocked I choose foxes over owls, 
but I've got to change it up once in awhile to keep everyone on their toes :)

Truth is picking one of anything from gingiber is nearly impossible.
I love it all, like this tote:

Owl Tote Bag - Black
Buy it here

And this print:

R is for Raccoon
Buy it here

This is new, and ridiculously cute:

Holiday Plush Reindeer Pillow in Green
Buy it here

If you haven't visited gingiber yet, I highly recommend it!

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