Friday, December 2, 2011

My Etsy Christmas List - No. 23 The Fancy Lamb

I guess doing my holiday craft fair has gotten me in the mood for antiques.
Now that I'm selling a few, I'll have room for more, ha!

Just found The Fancy Lamb.
I want SO many things. 
Like this:

Vintage Luggage .. Electric Blue Messenger Bag
Buy it here

My sister and I had a couple of those when we were younger.
They are pretty awesome. 

On a similar note, so is this:

Vintage Slate Blue Lady Baltimore Suitcase
Buy it here

I have not idea what I would do with these, but I'd figure it out!

Vintage Post Office Box Door .. Brass
Buy it here
Same for these:

Instant Collection of Vintage Sanford's Pen-It Ink Bottles
Buy it here
And this is just clever:

Vintage Treasure Pack
Buy it here

Ya'll over at The Fancy Lamb need to make gift certificates!


  1. Those P.O. Box doors are awesome. My dad bought a bunch back in the '80s and used them to make piggy banks for each of us. I still have mine... I gave it to my son last year. You can see it here: :)

  2. I'm confused a bit with how others classify an item as vintage. What is really vintage for you if you wouldn't mind? Vintage for me is like 50 years old- a sort of antique.

  3. Great Finds... loving that Vintage Blue Luggage Tote

  4. Thanks for sharing ITCT, love it! I REALLY want those now.

    itin, almost everything you'll see in this post is 50 years old :)

    Missed you Ruby Jean! I love the bag, too :)