Monday, May 16, 2016

Chloe + Isabel Review: Jewelry Essentials and New Pieces for Summer 2016

In case you hadn't noticed, I really love subscription boxes. I love fashion, but can't always find the time to shop. Stitch Fix has really helped fill in the gaps, and opened my mind to new styles I would have never tried before. My closet is bursting with new tops and jeans to wear this summer.

While subscription boxes are a ton of fun, they do have their limitations. I realized recently that I rarely keep or wear accessories others pick out for me. Perhaps it's because they send so few?

So, I began the search for a new way to shop for jewelry essentials. Many of my old favorites are tarnished or broken. Others just seem out of style.

I stumbled upon Chloe + Isabel and I think I'm in love! As a brand new affiliate blogging partner, they were kind enough to send me a few complimentary pieces and I can't wait to show them to you. If something catches your eye along the way, my affiliate links will take you straight to the item online.

First, a little about Chloe + Isabel, or C+I, for short. C+I is a New York based company specializing in high quality jewelry. While you can shop for pieces online, the latest styles come to life in pop-up shops hosted by spirited entrepreneurs. They offer a variety of both trendsetting styles (Chloe) and classic essentials (Isabel).

When I first saw the Crystal Square Pendant Necklace ($28) I just knew it would be a new favorite of mine. It's timeless style perfectly represents the classic side of C + I, Isabel.

This piece pairs perfectly with my antique wedding ring. Adorned with clear crystal pave, the simple square on a 16 inch chain with a 2 inch extender is just what I'm looking for in an everyday necklace. You can dress up a tee or wear it with a henley neckline for a bit of glam sparkle.

I also picked out these gorgeous Alpenglow Stackable Rings ($42) with semiprecious cloud quartz and blue and white mother-of-pearl. These will go with a lot of what I already have and flatter my cool, winter skin tone.

I wore these last Sunday to dress up a printed tee and jeans for a poolside party. It was the first time I noticed the different way each stone was cut and how they catch the light. I've got my eye on a beaded bracelet and a long station necklace to match.

Last, I picked the Sand + Sky Convertible Pendant Necklace ($52), which has probably received more compliments than the other 2 pieces combined. Looking through my jewelry, I noticed I have a lot of longer chain and layering type necklaces, but few short styles. I am really happy with the length; the 16/18 inch chain (with a 2 inch extender) is so functional.

The necklace is pictured here with the "treasure chest" #2 painted and gave to me for Mother's Day. Isn't he sweet?

The shape of the semi-precious amazonite pendant with pave accents reminds me of a Kendra Scott necklace I've been eye-balling. Honestly, I almost purchased one a dozen times but changed my mind because I wasn't sure of the quality. That's probably one of my favorite things about C + I, the lifetime guarantee.

Not only that, but for less than the price of a Kendra Scott, I got 2 necklaces in 1! I'm loving these convertible style. I can wear them together or split them up, and don't have to stand at the mirror wondering if they work together.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Sand + Sky Necklace perfectly matched the top I bought at Marshall's last weekend and wore them for Mother's Day!

Here's a picture of the convertible chain detail. Love! I thought I'd also mention that the chains are super comfortable, and don't slide around while you are wearing them.

The icing on the cake was this free Jardins du Midi Travel Candle ($28) and free shipping as part of a Mother's Day promotion.

I was absolutely shocked when my order showed up just 3 days after ordering. Each item was wrapped in a cute little drawstring bag, perfect for gifting or storage.

I was also very impressed by my local, lovely C + I representative. Candice contacted me shortly after I checked out and after my package was delivered to make sure everything was in order. I have to admit, her C + I story has me thinking about becoming a merchandiser myself. She loves the jewelry, was drawn to the C + I commitment to empower women, and joined to make a little extra money to travel (in style!). If you're interested in becoming a merchandiser yourself, you can read more about it here.

As I was writing up this blog post, an email popped-up about the new Summer 2016 pieces. I've already added a few accessories to my wish list, including the tortoise shell classic sunglasses on this gorgeous model.

She's also wearing the Lunette Open Cuff Set, Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet, and Positano Convertible Layered Necklace

And I can't stop thinking about the Capri Statement Cuff below. This look is so very Racquel Welch, don't you think? You can find the rest of this collection, as well as the new summer styles here.

I'm meeting up with Candice tomorrow to get the new summer 2016 Chloe + Isabel catalog. The spring catalog is my new favorite desk accessory. The theme is "From Rome, with Love." She wants to show me a little stock, too. I'll try and snap a picture or 2 and share them on Instagram and Pinterest.

Which piece is on your Chloe + Isabel wishlist? I'd love to see what C + I pieces you're wearing so I can add them to mine!

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