Monday, May 22, 2017

My First Year in Direct Sales

Do you think anyone ever said as a kid, "When I grow up I want to work in direct sales!"? Probably not. In fact, even most adults turn their nose at the idea of network marketing. There's still this stigma out there about merchandising. Truly, before I became a stylist with Chloe + Isabel, I believed there must be a catch. I anticipated fees, quotas, team building, awkward social interactions and didn't anticipate real income. I was a typical "kit napper" as we say in the industry. I bought the Chloe + Isabel starter kit just for the jewelry, but not before asking a ton of questions. Ultimately, I decided I had nothing to lose. I'm so glad I took the leap!

While I didn't really intend for this to become an episode of myth busters, I do want to start out by saying SOME of the rumors are true:

We do work in teams. We sell a product we love, and our personal success is a direct result of the time and effort put into selling a well made product, not the dream. Teams are a place of encouragement, inspiration and celebration. I do benefit from inviting others to join, but I seldom do it. The company encourages us to send invitations to women with similar goals and interests, but doesn't every company?

We have quotas...$600 in sales in 6 months! Let's call that a personal order, not a quota.

We have parties! No quotas there. In one year I've had one in home party and participated in 3 vendor events. I didn't care for either format. I happen to love hosting Facebook parties so this has been the avenue for me. Initially I was shooting for 4+ a month but this became overwhelming. Now I'm hosting approximately 2-3 a month and this allows me time to plan and give each party and co-host the attention they deserve. By hosting online, I can avoid spending money on displays, refreshments and transportation. No house cleaning needed. This picture makes me laugh. What's a mom's night out with kids there?!

We have catalogs! This is not your Mamas Avon catalog. It's a big, juicy, modern lookbook in both print and digital/interactive format. Click here to see for yourself.

However, most of the rumors are just that. I think the biggest misconception/fear is that we will invest more than we make. I can attest, real money is to be made here.

But what kind of money you ask? The kind of money that's paid for food for a family of 6 in Orange County, California for a year. Some months the kind of money that pays for that plus gas, utilities, Christmas presents, band booster donations, soccer fees & uniforms, car parts, date nights, shoes, more shoes (I'm talking about kid's shoes by the way), AWANA store donations, and adoption donations. I've paid off a big portion of debt, too.

Best part? This opportunity has allowed me to be home with my kids.

Friday marks my 1 year Candi Anniversary! Come celebrate with me in my Facebook VIP group! I just might be having a giveaway (winky face). I promise, it's a fun and welcoming group with styling ideas, updates about sales & promotions, and many, many laughs.

Be sure and sign up for blog emails, too. I hope to share more about why I chose C+I, how to avoid overspending and focus on a profit if you're in sales, tips & tricks for online parties, and more about direct sales. I also plan to share more about my Etsy shop.

If you're considering taking a leap all your own, you can click here for more info. Won't you message me first? I'd love to get you set up for success and answer any lingering questions you might have:

Still have questions? Follow this link to a more recent post about what's in the merchandiser kit.

Just feel like shopping? That's welcome, too! Follow my link to shop anytime, day or night.

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