Monday, July 3, 2017

Chloe + Isabel Semi-Annual Sale + Clearance Summer 2017

Eeeekkkk!!!! The Chloe + Isabel semi-annual sale and clearance snuck up on me! I was over here trying to summer and boom, there it was. And in just one day, items are already flying off the shelf. I simply couldn't leave you, my lovely reader, in the dark! These are the best prices of the year.

As always, I have some lovely styled pictures for inspiration, recommendations from my jewelry box (lucky you, getting them at a deep discount!), and a little on to the end!

Here are the must haves from this amazing sale:

1. The Hero Collection

I only recently discovered this cool, edgy, versatile collection and am not sure what took me so long! The semi-precious black stone and howlite combination is perfection. I think I was scared of the glass and tassel but they've grown on me. And the top layer of the convertible necklace is the only thing I brought with me camping and it went with every single top I brought.

Clearance is the perfect time to try something out of your comfort zone, if you're on the fence. Reminder: the tassels are removable!

Necklace on the left: Here
Right: Here
Matching bracelet (not shown): Here
Ring (not shown): Here

2. The Golden Lotus Statement Necklace

To me it's crazy to see pieces from the new collection marked down, but there it is. Don't be intimidated by this magnificent collar, it's much lighter and more delicate than you'd imagine. Maybe Golden Lotus isn't your style, but it really is a great time to buy statement pieces, the prices are unreal! But seriously, this one is awesome.

Necklace: Here
Matching wrap bracelet (not shown): Here

3. Anything Aventine

The only explanation I can come up with as to why they'd give away this statement necklace for $37 or it's super popular sister the convertible layered necklace for $35 is that everyone has one because it's stunning.

While I was writing this, the pendant sold out. I'm serious guys, if you see something you need, act fast.

Statement earrings (not shown): Here
Matching ring (not shown):  Here

4. A Convertible Necklace

Our signature style, and on sale! We do the hard work (perfectly match the layers), you wear it with everything! Each layer can be removed for a whole new look, and interchanges with layers from other pieces collections.

Medina Necklace: Here
Minaret (not shown): Here multi-color, Here in blue hues

5. Something Giftable

I gave this gorgeous pendant to my mom for Christmas, she wears it often. Green is something I've only recently discovered to be a neutral. It goes with so much, definitely capsule worthy.

We also have a candle for just $7, charms prices $4-11 (this is my fav), and even a few hair accessories like these, perfectly priced for your gift stash.

I could go on and on, but while I am, the styles are selling out! So I'll end on this note.

Need An Excuse to Shop the Sale?

If you're in my VIP group, you may have already heard about my fundraising efforts to help fund the Anderson's adoption of little Lian from China. This week only, I will donate 30% of purchase made through the Anderson Adoption Fundraiser Pop-Up. You can read more or skip shopping and donate Here.

Not only that, for every $50 spent in July, you'll be entered into a giveaway! Only catch, you have to join my VIP group to enter, but I promise you'll love it there anyway: Join Here.

Occasionally, one might see so many things they "need" that they start thinking about becoming a merchandiser for the discount. If this describes you, shoot me a quick email and let's talk. Find me at and read more on that subject Here.

Back to the sale, you can find it all Here! But for a very limited time. Be sure and stop back here and share what you love! And go!

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